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Embroidered shirts can represent a wide variety of businesses, teams, and organizations.

Dress shirts are available for customization in a variety of styles and fabrics, making some ideal for business professionals and others perfect for the likes of bartenders, fishing guides, or even casual Friday fans.  When searching for shirts for professional applications, search for shirts manufactured with fabrics such as Oxford, poplin, and twill. Oxford weave fabric features a basketweave structure that is typical of many dress shirts. Poplin is another popular dress shirt fabric with a plain weave and slightly corded surface. Twill fabrics feature a weave that forms a distinct diagonal line. The dressiest shirts typically feature full-length sleeves and buttons from the collar to the bottom of the shirt. Fabrics of these shirts are often made with a blend of cotton and polyester or spandex and may require ironing.

  • Dress shirts are made in an assortment of styles utilizing many kinds of fabrics.
  • Some fabrics and styles are clearly intended for professionals and executives due to their crisp, formal appearance.
  • Other button-down shirts are designed for activities of a more casual nature, such as outdoor work, bowling, and fishing.
  • Still other shirts are manufactured with easy care in mind, delivering wrinkle and stain resistance.
  • The right shirt embroidered with your company logo can speak volumes about your brand.

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Dress Shirts with Embroidered Logo

An employee decked out in a logoed dress shirt is representative of the company brand. Equally so is another employee wearing a short-sleeved logoed camp shirt. Each of these employees and their apparel delivers a different vibe about the company they represent. That vibe? It all ties into your branding efforts. Therefore, make sure you choose the right dress shirt for your logo. For easier care and wear of logoed dress shirts, many are available in easy-care varieties. Some shirts boast “wrinkle-free” care while others boast “wrinkle resistance.” Shirts with these item descriptions are both manufactured with fabrics treated to help you spend less time with your iron. In the past, these shirts were often known to stain easily, but fabrics have come a long way. Easy care shirts of today are typically treated with a wrinkle-fighting resin that is also stain resistant.

Keep in mind that button-down shirts aren’t just for business professionals who want to look crisp and polished on the job. Short-sleeved camp shirts, bowling shirts, and fishing shirts are among the button-down shirt selection, and they’re perfectly suited for all kinds of more relaxed environments, whether those environments involve work or pleasure.

For assistance finding the perfect dress shirt for your brand, contact the knowledgeable sales team at Show Your Logo. We have the logoed apparel you need to suit your branding needs as well as your budget. Whether you’re outfitting an entire company, the office staff, or the bowling team, we can customize apparel and do justice to your logo.

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