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Excessive Branding – Is There Such a Thing?

So I guess I’m on nerd warp-drive as I get closer and closer to Comic Con.

The other day I was watching Resident Evil: Retribution (don’t judge me!) and I had to pause at the scene where Jill Valentine (played by Sienna Guillory) “boots up” and her eyes turn from her normal color to the Umbrella Corporation logo. At first this is kind of cool, even though I’m pretty sure Jill is supposed to be organic and not a machine, but whatever! I’ll give it to Paul W.S. Anderson for at least creatively butchering one of the greatest video game series of all time (unlike Michael Bay and his not-to-be-mentioned upcoming movie this August). This got me thinking about branding, and while I don’t think there are any corporations out there that are going to go to the lengths of Umbrella, I had to wonder if there are any out there that are guilty of excessive branding.df11213b1656fcea3a65041239f252ed

This might be a touchy topic as it really comes down to a matter of opinion. Is over branding when companies that almost everyone everywhere knows still shell out millions of dollars for Super Bowl ads? Or is it when they’re in our face all of the times regardless of popularity? What about the idea above, in which excessive and unnecessary lengths are taken to advertise in manners that no one would really ever notice? (I don’t think anyone was going to stop Valentine in that movie and debate whether the proper shade of red was reflected in her eyes, most were just trying to avoid getting killed by her.) Maybe all of these qualify? Maybe it depends on the brands? Below are a few arguments that were made on excessive branding.

What do you think?


  1. Tennis Shoes by Kool Aid

    Look at me in my Kool-Aid shoes!

    Don’t you step on my Kool-Aid shoes!

First of all, what?

Yes, these were apparently a thing. Now from what I can tell these are not age specific, but I don’t think anyone at any age loves Kool-Aid so much that they would want it branded on their sneakers. Some of the styles are pretty subtle, but others are blindingly abhorrent on the color spectrum. The only thing that would make these more distasteful is if with every step you heard the Kool-Aid man’s “Oh Yeah!” resounding somewhere from your heel region. I’m not sure who was on the board meeting when this was approved, but electroshock therapy should have been administered at some point in time thereafter. This brand marriage doesn’t even make sense! I do not think of shoes when drinking Kool-Aid, nor do I think of Kool-Aid while shoe shopping!


  1. Cologne by Play-Doh

I’m still not entirely convinced that this isn’t a joke, but Amazon reviews seem at least moderately legit. Why this was ever a thought in anyone’s head I have no idea. I’ll just briefly revisit my comment on electroshock therapy. Reasons this would be necessary…maybe?


Oh baby, is that Red Play-Doh by Demeter you're wearing?

Oh baby, is that Red Play-Doh by Demeter you’re wearing?


- Your two year old has a really hot play date.
- You are one of three Play-Doh collectible fanatics on the globe.
- As a gag gift.


That’s it. Seriously. What is this, and why? I thought the Kool-Aid shoes were insane, but this takes the cake. Or the Play-Doh.



  1. Romance Novels by Nascar


I used to work at Borders back in the day, and I remember my reaction when I first saw these on the romance novel end cap. It was somewhere along the lines of “Seriously?” and “Wow, something worse than Twilight finally hit the market.” I was wrong on the latter point as I don’t think anything worse than Twilight could do the damage that series did to literature everywhere. (Before you argue, the 50 Shades of Grey book series originally started off as Twilight fanfiction – so yes it is responsible for catastrophic damage.)  I digress. I have a few issues with romance novels by Nascar that may come off as callous as a non-Nascar fan:

  • Do Nascar drivers really look like this?

The quick answer is no, they don’t. My parents watch Nascar, I grew up with Nascar, and no one involved with Nascar looks like these people do! It’s fine if you think Jeff Gordon is okay-looking, but he is not Fabio or Brad Pitt. And why are so many of these men wearing suits? Romance in general is responsible for a lot of unrealistic scenarios, but these books I’d wager make fun of themselves with how seriously they’re presented. I’m PRAYING there are no racing innuendos in these books, but let’s face it, based on some of these titles, there probably are. And on that note…

  • Aren’t a lot of these titles things you DON’T want to happen on a race day?

Running on Empty? Over the Wall? Overheated? Into the Corner? There are no corners on race tracks, just walls, and generally you want to avoid hitting or going over those, right? Especially at a hundred miles per hour! I’m going back to the reflection that these are likely puns or innuendos, and if this is what the writers came up with I’m not overly confident in the quality of prose for the next couple hundred pages.

  • What is the point?

I’m pretty sure Nascar isn’t hurting for money, and based off what I’ve seen they have no problem drawing in female fans, so why romance novels? Are race car drivers really the next apex of desirable athletes? (Can they even be called athletes?) These are questions I don’t have answers for, and actually hesitate to give my opinion on. It’s definitely another one of those marriages of products that I can’t put my finger on.

From my days at Borders I think I can safely say that romance is like fantasy for most of the female reading population, so maybe the play here is to hit the demographic of women who instead of being whisked away by Conan the Barbarian would rather be driven off into the sunset by Dale Earnhardt Jr. I never got into the romance genre and doubt that’ll change anytime soon, but maybe the ability to use familiar cars that are owned by the Nascar franchise helps drive (no pun intended) the reality for the reader?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen other examples of excessive, nonsense branding or marriage of brands.

The “I’m With Stupid” T-Shirts

In my opinion, clothing should speak for itself without the need for an explanation. When the point on a custom shirt is not clear and up for interpretation, the meaning behind the words or phrase can be completely lost. Then, what was the point in wearing said piece anyway? For example, we have all seen the very popular custom t-shirt that reads “I’M WITH STUPID” followed by an arrow, right?


While some may find this hilarious, others can be turned off. Are the words on the shirt really poking fun at the person standing next to the individual in the shirt, or does it give the wearer a bad image? After learning of what happened to a local business in Gastonia, N.C., I believe that people are a product of what they wear. Just as you can be judged for what comes out of your mouth, the same goes for what you advertise on your chest. Owners of Sharkey’s Place Raw Bar & Grill in Gastonia, posted pictures on Facebook of their new t-shirt ideas and printed in bold letters on the front with the phrase “Throw the Bums Out”.


According to an article posted on Gaston Gazette.com by Diane Turby*, the idea behind the shirts was to bring attention to the people who have harassed their customers and urinated or defecated on the patio of the restaurant, said one owner. Although there may be one or two incidents that seem to justify the reasoning, we can see how it would be misinterpreted to mean only high class customers are allowed in their restaurant, or that downtown Gastonia has a “hobo” problem or even that the owners are heartless to those who fall short of pursuing the American Dream. Or, perhaps above all, it could mean this restaurant has a political vendetta at stake. Wait, did someone say steak? Yum. Anyway, these are conclusions about the restaurant’s persona the owners probably did not wish to market. Although I am sure their most popular dish is still delicious, I can’t help but to think that a bitter taste is left in the mouths of those who know about the shirt. This imposes the question, what is more important? Showing my customers my personal views and opinions, or showing them the best food in town?

In wearing a shirt with a logo or slogan, or words just in general, I believe that the person wearing the shirt has something to say. Speaking with a shirt should be simple and to the point without room for questioning. Questions lead to answers, and if someone cannot guess the right answer from your shirt, it could jeopardize your business by turning off the customers.
Just as the suppliers of the shirts mentioned above, of course Show Your Logo, Inc. customers are free to exercise their 1st Amendment Right on their custom shirts, and at competitive pricing. I am hoping though, that in choosing ShowYourLogo.com for creating promotional apparel, we can help business owners say “I’m NOT With Stupid”, and so much more.

* Turby, Diane. “Sharky’s Under Fire For T-Shirts.” Gaston Gazette. 20 Mar. 2014. Web. 12 May. 2014.

Get the Right Promotional T-Shirts for Women

women's v-neck t-shirtsI once read that the average American woman is a size fourteen. Unlike the Hollywood ideal of size zero, the truth of the matter is that most American women aren’t elfin and super tiny.

Ladies, if you’ve ever tried on some of these promotional t-shirts designed for women, you may be well aware that they run a bit small.

I don’t know about you, but on the occasions I’ve been handed a free, promotional t-shirt, it’s been a t-shirt designed for men. They’re big. And boxy. They make me feel like I’m wearing a tent. So where do I wear them?

1) To paint the house. (I have a problem with repainting the house the way some women have a problem buying shoes.)

2) To work out. (I don’t invest in pretty work out clothes to drench myself in sweat. If you look good while working out, you’re not working hard enough is what I say.)

3) To sleep.

So what I’m suggesting is that if you’re going to invest in printed t-shirts to promote your company name and logo, you may just want to invest in a shirt women will actually wear in public.

I actually own several printed Bella tees. I’ve purchased every one of them…in size extra large. Keep in mind that in most retail stores, I can get away with a medium or large. In spite of the fact that Bella places me in extra large t-shirts, I love the brand. They’re cut with women in mind. We have curves; we’d rather not look like we’re wearing a muumuu. Of course, I also love them because they’re mementos from the white water rafting trip I took with my BFF. I have a Bella t-shirt that reminds me of a trip to the zoo with my kids. And still another of an amazing white water rafting trip I took with my husband through some of the most dangerous white water in North America. Good times.

If you’re in the market for women’s promotional t-shirts manufactured to fit average American women, check out the Bella Missy Collection. Same concept as the Bella line of t-shirts, only they run less…tiny.

Hope to see my favorite places stocked up on these t-shirts next time I’m shopping for logo apparel!

Take a look.

print women's t-shirtsBella Missy Collection Short-Sleeved Jersey T-Shirt: available in this crew neck design, a v-neck, or a scoop neck.






custom print women's tank topsBella Missy Collection Wide Strap Tank Tops: Not only will these tank tops fit, the wide straps conceal bra straps. Bella’s really been thinking!






custom print 3/4 sleeve shirtsBella Missy Collection 3/4 Length Sleeve Shirts







bella long sleeve t-shirtsBella Missy Collection Long Sleeve T-Shirts






Another bonus? T-shirts in the Bella Missy Collection also run a bit longer than the t-shirts from the standard Bella women’s collection. When you reach a certain age, it’s no longer cool to show off your midriff.


New Season, New Soccer Gear!

custom reversible jerseys

The lovely Emma models her way-cool reversible soccer jersey, printed with pride by Show Your Logo.

How does every new season of soccer begin for us crazed soccer moms? With a boat load of new soccer gear, of course!

This year our household of soccer players was able to press on with last year’s jerseys, practice t-shirts, and shorts. New socks, however, were a must-have.

And since our practice t-shirts have now been through the laundry with a blue crayon, some new practice shirts are in order. (Not one of my four kids ‘fessed up to having pocketed a blue crayon, but I can assure you it wasn’t me.)

This weekend delighted with absolutely fabulous weather for Saturday’s game where we ran into the young lady pictured here donning her brand new reversible jersey. It’s always fun to see Emma…and to see Show Your Logo’s printed products out and about in the real world.

Hope you won your game, Emma! Thanks for letting me take your picture.


Tie Dye Promotional Products from T-Shirts to Towels

custom tie dye t-shirts

Print your logo on promotional tie dye t-shirts in a variety of eye-catching colors. Groovy!

In one of last week’s posts you learned that the ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of flip flops. This week we’re sharing another summer-themed promotional product brought to you by some ancient people: the process of tie dyeing! The earliest surviving evidence of tie dyeing dates back to about 500 AD and Peru. Modern tie dyeing (you know…the psychedelic kind) became popular in the late 1960′s and into the 1970′s thanks to the likes of rockers like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones.

Tie dye never entirely faded away. Many products, including promotional products available for customization right here at Show Your Logo, come in ultra cool tie dye patterns.

Tie dye says summer to me. It takes me back to tie dyeing white t-shirts using rubber bands and buckets filled with RIT dye at summer camp.

In need of some tie dye promotional products to brand your business this summer? Check out the many varied promo items available in tie dye looks ranging from rainbow to complimentary colors to a bright, uniform look.



Tie Dye Logo Apparel

print tie dye bandanasPromotional Tie Dye Bandanas

Bikers, hikers, and anyone desiring some brightly colored head protection from the summer sun will appreciate custom printed bandanas. A bandana is also an excellent product for keeping your hair under wraps and under control on a windy day or on the back of a bike.




print tie dye t-shirtsPrint on Tie Dye T-shirts 

Show Your Logo can customize promotional tie dye t-shirts in youth and adult sizes.




heart tie dye t-shirtsCustom Printed Heart Tie Dye T-Shirts

Many of our tie dyed shirts have designs in them…such as this heart on this junior sized t-shirt.




print tie dye hoodiesPromotional Tie Dye Hoodies

Even summer nights can get a chill to them. Print on these pullover hoodies to keep that chill at bay while staying tie dye cool.




promotional tie dye visors

Logo Tie Dye Visors 

Get custom tie dye visors printed in your choice of colors.




custom tie dye caps

Custom Print Tie Dye Caps

These colorful baseball caps are bound to get your logo the attention it deserves.




print tie dye hatsTie Dyed Washed Cotton Hats

Are bucket hats more your thing? These soft, washed cotton hats are available in a variety of pleasing colors.





Print on Tie Dye Accessories


print tie dye backpacksTie Dye Drawstring Backpacks

These colorful backpacks are perfect for kids who need to tote a few things around for the summer.




print tie dye totesTie Dye Tote Bags with Your Logo

Pack your summer with fun when you tote around these bags. Tote bags don’t have to be so serious!




custom tie dye sunglassesPrint on Tie Dye Sunglasses

These sunglasses don’t have a serious side. They’re all about fun in the sun. Take your logo along for the ride.




print tie dye lanyards

Promotional Tie Dye Lanyards

Show your logo some love when you print on these brightly colored lanyards. Great for keys, badges, and I.D.’s.





Even More Tie Dye Promotional Products

print tie dye towels

Custom Tie Dye Beach Towels

These beautiful, colorful towels look great on beach chairs, sands, and wrapped around people. Your logo looks great there, too.




print tie dye lollipops

Custom Print on Tie Dye Lollipops

Food is always a great giveaway. Everyone loves food. If you’re running with the tie dye theme, these lollies  take the cake.




print tie dye balloons

Custom Print on Tie Dye Light Up Balloons

Still running with the tie dye theme for your event? These light up, tie dyed balloons are tough to resist. What fun!




tie dye golf balls

 Print Your Logo on Tie Dye Golf Balls

What?! Tie dye golf balls? That’s what I said. Make your golf game a little less serious when you print on these colorful golf items.




tie dye can coolersCustomize Tie Dye Can Coolers

The canned beverages at your event will look groovy wearing these tie dye can coolers.




tie dye bottle coolersPrint on Tie Dye Bottle Coolers

These eye-popping bottle holders keep bottles cool. The handy carrying strap makes everything easy to transport and keeps your hands free for other activities.




Ready to get your groove on? Contact us today to discuss your need for tie dyed promotional products. Shopping for something of a more serious nature? No problem. With 750,000 promo items to choose from, Show Your Logo can deliver.



10 Facts About Flip Flops Plus Promo Pairs to Print Upon

cheap custom flip flops1) Flip flops have been around for thousands of years. Check out some murals created by ancient Egyptians and see for yourself.

2) Flip flops have a world-wide following. Other names for flip flops around the globe: thong sandals, go aheads, jandals, pluggers, slaps, havaianas, and slippers.

3) The modern flip flop was brought to the U.S. by returning WWII soliders wearing Japanese Zōri.

4) Flip flops get their name from the slapping sound they make against the soles of your feet when you walk.

5) Americans transformed the Zōri into the brightly colored versions we wear today.

6) Ancient Romans wore the straps of their flip flops between their second and third toes.

7) President Obama became the first U.S. president to be photographed wearing flip flops.

8) The Dalai Lama frequently wears flip flops.

9) Flip flops are reportedly a $20 billion industry.

10) In 2006, sales of flip flops topped sales of sneakers for the first time ever. Consider the cost of sneakers. Now consider the cost of flip flops. That’s a lot of flip flops.


How can you show your logo some love utilizing the promotional power of flip flops?


personalized flip flopsPrint on Striped Custom Flip Flops







cheap custom flip flops

Personalize Basic Flip Flops with Your Logo






custom beach flip flopsCustomize Beach Flip Flops with a Fun Flower Design






print men's flip flopsPrint Your Logo on Men’s Flip Flops






promotional lighted flip flopsCustom Print Your Logo onto Lighted Flip Flops






custom bamboo flip flopsPrint on Bamboo Flip Flops with Vinyl Straps





custom sport flip flopsCustomize Sport Flip Flops





How do you like your flip flops? Let Show Your Logo know and we’ll find your brand the perfect pair at the perfect price. With 750,000 promotional products to choose from, you name it. We print it.

Custom T-Shirts for Every Budget

There are vastly different price ranges on custom t-shirts no matter where you shop, and Show Your Logo is no exception. If you click on through to the Show Your Logo custom t-shirt page, you’ll see that our prices range from  as low as  $2.27 to a high of  $12.50 for a short-sleeve, adult sized t-shirt. Why is that? Isn’t a t-shirt just a t-shirt? Are you paying for a brand name?

Not necessarily…but occasionally.  The range of prices generally has everything to do with the materials used and the process involved in manufacturing the t-shirt. Here are just a few of our many custom t-shirts to help illustrate.


cheapest custom t-shirts

Fruit of the Loom Best 50/50 Blend Custom T-Shirts

This Fruit of the Loom t-shirt in a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend is a best seller. The price is irresistible. The materials used in the manufacturing of the shirt make it budget-friendly. These shirts don’t feel as heavy as a 100% cotton t-shirt, but their quality and durability is up to snuff. (As low as price: $2.27)



gildan ultra cotton t-shirts

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts

These 6.1 oz, heavyweight, 100% cotton t-shirt is a top-seller with good reason. An as low of price of $2.44 coupled with an extensive range of sizes and color options makes it a customer favorite.





custom Gildan t-shirts

Gildan Softstyle T-Shirts

These 4.5 oz, 100% cotton tees are yours for as low as $2.87. Note that they’re not quite as heavy as other t-shirts available for customization.




print custom t-shirts

Hanes Beefy T 6.1 oz Cotton T-shirts

These 6.1 oz t-shirts are made with 100% cotton. They’re heavyweight, all right, just like Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts. Why the as low as price of $3.72? Hanes does some heavy marketing of these shirts to retailers. You’re paying Michael Jordan. That’s cool with us, especially if you like the Hanes brand name and feel like M.J. needs some more cash.


custom fitted t-shirts

Anvil Men’s Fashion Fit T-Shirts

With as low as price of $3.33, these 4.5 oz, 100% cotton t-shirts have been dubbed “fashion” t-shirts because they are designed with a fitted shape. Note that these shirts, made with the same cotton weight as the Gildan’s above, are slightly more expensive. (Fashion’s going to cost you, but you’re worth it.) These fashion-forward t-shirts are a great investment when a fitted cut matters to your target market.



custom organic cotton t-shirts

 Anvil Organic Cotton T-Shirts

These 5.0 oz, 100% organic cotton t-shirts are just like the organic produce at the grocery store. They cost more. However, if choosing an organic product is important for your brand, these Anvil t-shirts are an excellent choice with an as low as price of $5.33.




pigment dyed t-shirts

Comfort Colors Pigment Dyed T-Shirts

These 6.1 oz, 100% cotton t-shirts have the same heavy-duty feel as the 6.1 oz Hanes Beefy T-shirts. However, these shirts have gone through the pigment dyeing process, giving the t-shirts a broken-in look. It’s kind of like paying extra for distressed jeans. As low as price? $6.06.




custom wicking t-shirts

Custom Hanes Cool Dri T-Shirts

These 100% polyester t-shirts are moisture wicking and boast a contemporary fit. Moisture wicking technology in a t-shirt isn’t particularly cheap, but it’s definitely an appreciated feature to have built into your t-shirt on a sweaty kind of day. As low as price? $6.99.




Is there a custom t-shirt here perfect for your target market and your budget? Do you have something else in mind? Either way, the Show Your Logo sales team can help you out with a custom quote or a search for the promotional products that best suit your needs as well as your budget. Happy t-shirt shopping!















10 Reasons to Show Your Logo On Quality, Cheap Custom Polos

cheap custom polos

Anvil Cotton Deluxe polos can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo for a competitive low price at Show Your Logo.

If you own a business or run an organization of any kind, custom logo apparel is a must-have when shopping and budgeting for promotional products. Whether your employees’ wardrobe requires business suits or t-shirts on a daily basis, there’s room on either end of the wardrobe continuum for custom polo shirts. Polo shirts and business casual go together like Sunday school and brunch. You can choose to see a custom polo shirt as dressing up (for you t-shirt regulars) or dressing down (for business-casual Fridays). They’re great for that golf outing followed by Sunday brunch, too.

Here are ten reasons we at Show Your Logo love our huge selection of quality, cheap custom polos.

1) Donning a 100% cotton polo is just as comfortable to wear as that 100% cotton t-shirt.

2) A comfortable custom shirt is a shirt that makes it out of the closet.

3) Custom polo shirts that make it out of the closet give your logo the visibility it deserves.

4) Print or embroider your logo or other pertinent company details on the chest, on the sleeve, or centered on the back of the polo just under the collar. No matter. All locations look sharp! Go crazy if you want and choose all three print or embroidery locations.

5) Cheap custom polos are available in a huge selection of colors. Brand your business with conservative colors like navy, black, or white, or go a completely different route and be bold. Lime green. Purple. Banana. (Truly. “Banana” is a color option.)

6) You can choose to order cheap custom polos in styles manufactured for women. In order to enjoy wearing a company custom polo, women prefer not to appear shapeless.

7) Buttons. How do you wear your polos? All buttons undone? One undone? Or buttoned up all the way? (Is it me…or can you tell a lot about a person by the way they button their polo shirts?)

8) Collars. I’m dating myself here, but anybody remember the eighties when it was cool to wear the collar of your polos up near your ears? Do you think that will ever make a comeback? (No.)

9) Unlike a dress shirt, a polo shirt doesn’t have to visit the dry cleaner or set up a meeting with the iron. No offense, dry cleaners, but I hate the drop off, the pick up, and the prices. I hate irons even more. Who’s with me?!

10) What’s not to love about polo shirt days? Golf outings? Casual Friday? Brunch? It’s all good.

Be sure to shop our impressive selection of custom, company polo shirts. From our super-affordable, 100% cotton polos to our brand name wicking polo shirts, we have the custom printed polo shirts you need at prices your budget and your employees are going to love. Contact the Show Your Logo sales team for a quote on polos or any of our 750,000 promotional products.





Get Crafty With Wholesale, Blank T-Shirts and Bleach Pens

wholesale t-shirts

Order blank t-shirts at wholesale prices for all those events that include DIY t-shirt crafts.

Most of our customers place orders for custom t-shirts showing off a high quality imprint. However, did you know that Show Your Logo can also sell blank t-shirts at wholesale prices? If you’re planning an event that requires more than a couple dozen blank t-shirts for your guests to design and decorate, purchasing wholesale t-shirts can be an easy way to save a few bucks.

If you’re not already following our Pinterest board titled “Fun With T-Shirts,” you may be unfamiliar with the concept of taking a bleach pen to a perfectly good t-shirt. My daughter and I, confessed Pinterest junkies, are always on the lookout for something new to create or try. The bleach pen t-shirt project we’re going to show you in pictures, right here, is inspired entirely by Pinterest. We decided to put this idea to the test.


Step One: Get a bleach pen. Don’t have one handy? In the mood to make your own? We’ve pinned a recipe for making your own bleach gel on that Fun With T-Shirts board. (All you’ll need is regular bleach, some cornstarch, and an empty glue bottle.)



bleach pen













Step Two: Locate a blank t-shirt that could use a little something. Old? New? Doesn’t matter. This 100% cotton t-shirt is completely blank and ready for some bleach.

plain t-shirt













Step Three: Place some newspaper or cardboard inside your t-shirt. You don’t want the bleach gel to leak through and ruin the back of your shirt.














Step Four: Got a design in mind? We found a cool design we lifted from the pages of the Sunday Target ad. Here’s the girl getting to work. (She’s a much better artist than I am!)














Step Five: After you’ve finished your design, let the bleach gel sit on the shirt for about 10 minutes.













Step Six: Remove the newspaper from inside your t-shirt. CAREFULLY rinse your t-shirt under some running water. Make sure you don’t let the bleach gel touch any other areas of your shirt.













Step Seven: Admire your finished product! It’s soaking wet and smells like bleach, so you’ll want to run it through the laundry.

We give this Pinterest project two thumbs up. It was a fun, affordable way to customize a blank t-shirt. We think it would be a great activity for a party or an event that calls for a crafty activity. If you’re in need of some blank t-shirts at wholesale prices, contact Show Your Logo today.

How to Print Custom T-Shirts Best Suited for Your Target Market: Part Three

moisture wicking process

Illustration of the moisture wicking process used in performance t-shirts.

When faced with the responsibility of choosing the right custom t-shirts for your business, team, or organization, you’re faced with an enormous number of variables, choices, and possibilites. One of the easiest ways to begin breaking down your custom t-shirt printing process is to decide how your target market will use their tees. If you’re just looking to print your tees in huge quantities to pass out as give aways at that upcoming marketing event, you may just want to find the cheapest shirt out there. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a nearly indestructible shirt, you may opt for a heavyweight cotton tee. On the other hand, if you’re printing shirts for a serious athletic event, performance t-shirts are an excellent choice.

Performance T-Shirts

Unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture (a.k.a sweat) and holds onto it until your t-shirt is a disgusting, soggy mess, performance t-shirts are made with “wicking” fabrics, typically made up of 100% polyester. The weave of the fabric plus a chemical treatment pulls sweat away from the skin and towards the outer edges of the fabric. There the miracle of evaporation can take place as air comes into contact with all that moisture.Voila! You’re dry. Or, drier than you would be than if you were running a marathon through the streets of Chicago on an August afternoon. Point is, those marathoners are going to feel a whole lot more comfortable in a performance t-shirt than they are in the type of shirt you buy on the super cheap to blast through an air cannon.

So let’s just say you’ve settled on performance t-shirts. You’ve decided that this type of shirt is the way to go. Good for you! Let’s take a look at some of our top-selling wicking t-shirts, all awaiting your customization.


custom performance t-shirts

Sport-Tek Competitor T-Shirt

At 3.8 ounces of 100% polyester, this shirt will have all those marathoners ready to face the competition. It’s light, it’s cool, and it comes in 19 colors with sizes ranging from adult XS – 4XL. There’s a performance t-shirt here to fit everyone. The tag on this shirt is removable–for comfort or for relabeling. Also cool! As low as price $5.59/each (applies to higher quantity orders)


print hanes performance t-shirts

Hanes Cool Dri T-Shirts

This fine specimen is a 4 ounce, 100% performance tee available in 13 colors. Also tagless for comfort, it’s available in adult sizes XS – 3XL. With an as low as prices of $6.99/each (applies to higher quantity orders), it’s a real contender.



custom performance teesBadger B-Dri Performance T-Shirts 

Offered in adult sizes S – 3XL, this performance tee offers 100% polyester wicking fabric coupled with some ventilating mesh and underarm panels in contrasting colors. Six attractive color combinations make up the collection. It’s a winner on the backs of runners, golfers, and anybody else who’s bound to break a sweat at that outdoor event. As low as price: $12.50/each (applies to higher quantity orders)



Now that you know what kind of t-shirt you need to best meet the needs of your target market, choose a promotional products company or screen printer who can deliver knowledgeable customer service, a durable imprint, a great price, and fast turnaround times. Contact Show Your Logo today, because we’re happy to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and fulfill all your custom t-shirt needs.


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