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Where to Get Medical Marketing Swag For Medical Conferences

There are hundreds of medical marketing conferences in a single year! This makes it even more crucial to plan where to order medical marketing swag for the medical conferences you attend. Your organization’s booth will need top-rated promotional healthcare items to attract prospective customers. Show Your Logo will provide your organization with the best medical marketing swag for medical conferences. 

Get ahead of your competitors and start the search for medical marketing swag now! Some of the most popular medical conferences coming up in 2023 are the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, The Anesthesiology Business Event, and the International Dental and Oral Health Conference. If you’re attending any of these medical conferences now’s the time to order your medical marketing swag!

Keep reading to get unique ideas for the best medical swag and discover why Show Your Logo is the top medical marketing vendor for your organization. 

The Secret to Successful Medical Marketing Swag 

Order medical marketing swag this year that will make your organization stand out! Show Your Logo has insight into the best-kept secret to successful medical marketing swag, and we want to share it with you!

According to Forbes, your brand’s marketing strategy needs to have great promotional swag. Writer Jasmine Boardman, explains the 3 step process your company needs to think about when ordering marketing swag. 

Top Secret



  • Stop 
  • Speak
  • Keep 


The first step is to make sure your organization’s promo swag stops people in their tracks. Some creative and custom medical swag will do just that at a busy trade show. Word of mouth at tradeshows and conferences is very important if you want to increase foot traffic. Order medical marketing swag from Show Your Logo that makes people talk! 

The 2nd step is to purchase custom medical swag that shares your company’s voice. Providing unique pieces at your trade show will do just that. Brainstorm what your company’s purpose is and how you can showcase that through some custom medical swag.

The 3rd step is to bring medical marketing swag for medical conferences that people will keep. What’s the point of purchasing medical marketing swag that people will just toss when they get home? Well, there isn’t one. With over 800,000 customizable products you will be sure to find some medical marketing swag that will keep people talking about your company days after the conference. 

Why Medical Conferences Need Custom Healthcare Promotional Items

Medical conferences are a very competitive place. Different organizations are all trying to catch the eye of prospective customers. Go beyond the basic medical swag that your competitors will have. Medical swag increases your company’s brand awareness and can help establish a foundation for transactional business relationships. 

A study done by Advertising Specialty Institute showcases just how influential marketing swag can be for an organization. Here are a few key takeaways from the study: 

  • Promotional writing instruments generate over 3,000 impressions in their lifetime. Show Your Logo offers a variety of writing instruments like eco-friendly pens
  • 78% of consumers own some type of promotional drinkware. Stand out today by ordering custom medical marketing drinkware from SYL. 
  • Reusable promotional bags are said to generate 3,300 impressions throughout their lifetime. Order custom medical marketing bags from SYL today. 
  • In total 42% of prospective customers have a more favorable opinion of an organization if the Promotional Products they received are environmentally friendly. Show Your Logo has a wide range of eco-friendly promotional swag items. 

*Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2019, All Rights Reserved

There are several reasons why Show Your Logo is an ideal choice as your partner for medical marketing swag. Show Your Logo is so much more than just a printing or embroidering service. We will help you get the traction you deserve at your next medical conference. SYL offers a full range of services and unique aspects that make us stand out from the competition. Find out more in our blog about why Show Your Logo is the best for promotional business products.

Order Medical Marketing Swag For Your Next Conference

Where to Order Medical Marketing Swag For Your Next Conference

You may be asking yourself, “Where can I find top-rated medical marketing swag near me?”. The answer is Show Your Logo! Since we are digital company we are located everywhere and have a streamlined online ordering process for medical swag, business swag, educational swag, and more.

It doesn’t matter where your next conference is or where your organization is located. Show Your Logo will provide you with the best medical marketing swag for your next conference. We have provided custom medical marketing swag for organizations with medical conferences in Chicago, California, Texas, and more!

Always Find Quality Business Promotional Products

At Show Your Logo we know quality matters. Cheap promotional items with your organization’s name or logo are never a good look. Poor quality can reflect badly on your medical organization and leave a negative impression on the minds of your potential customers. That’s why you need to find a top swag vendor for ordering your promo items.

We offer our customers a wide range of options for quality medical marketing swag products at different prices. No matter your budget you can find something on our swag vendor website.

Top Healthcare Swag Gear For Medical Tradeshows & Conferences

At every medical conference, you’ll see many apparel items and office supplies with a logo or tagline on them. Whether the product is for practical use or it’s something to hand out as little takeaway items, it’ll have your logo on it, and serve as a great brand awareness tool. Show Your Logo has a variety of items available for your marketing needs including, eco-friendly swag, customizable drinkware, and more swag products!

Eco-Friendly Medical Marketing Swag For Conferences

As mentioned above lots of consumers prefer to receive eco-friendly marketing swag. Encourage Earth-friendly actions like conserving energy, beautifying green spaces, reducing waste, and recycling with eco-friendly promotional products! 

Show Your Logo has the best eco-friendly marketing swag for your next medical conference. Imprint your brand or logo on earth-friendly promo items! When your organization supports brands that offer eco-friendly items, made from recycled polyester or organic, sustainable cotton 

It will provide a positive impact on your target audience.

3 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Marketing Swag Options For Conferences

Top Eco Medical Marketing Swag

  1. Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Kit is the perfect medical marketing swag for conferences because it’s useful and portable.
  2. Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags. The perfect promotional item for conferences. This will give attendees the opportunity to pack a snack for the long days ahead of them and is likely to be used multiple times even after the conference.
  3. Reusable Cutlery Set is a great option for eco-friendly marketing swag for medical conferences. A customizable swag item like this can be used at conferences, workday lunches, and more! 

Stand Out at Medical Conferences With Unique Drinkware and Accessories

The most popular branded marketing swag given out at conferences is drinkware, and for a good reason. Drinkware keeps attendees hydrated, and will experience great use over the lifetime of the product. Try out promotional tumblers with logos to get your logo the exposure it deserves!

Custom Tumblers and logo mugs are a great way for your brand name to be seen everywhere the promotional product goes. SYL’s custom drinkware comes with a large imprint for your logo so your brand can be advertised to the masses. All industries and events can benefit from personalized drinkware. 

Here at Show Your Logo, you can rely on us for drinkware made with lasting materials to sport your logo and brand.  Many businesses and brands look to us for high-quality custom products at reasonable prices with fast returns on investment. 

3 Most Popular Promotional Drinkware Marketing Swag With LogoTop Medical Marketing Drinkware

  1. Slim Fit Bottle is the perfect way to showcase your organization at a medical conference. Everyone loves custom water bottles!
  2. Ceramic Coffee Mug is a great choice if your organization is seeking unique customizable drinkware for your conference or tradeshow. 
  3. Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler. Travel tumblers are perfect for medical conferences because people can use them throughout the duration of the conference to hold water and coffee! 

Custom Promotional Technology Items for Medical Conferences 

When it comes to medical conferences you can never go wrong with promotional tech items. At Show Your Logo, you’ll find thousands of quality, hi-tech promotional products and electronic accessories that will effectively advertise your organization at a low cost.

You can rely on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to create the perfect medical marketing swag for medical conferences. Get in touch with us today and we’ll bring your creative vision to life!

3 Most Popular Hi-tech Medical Marketing Swag For Medical ConferencesMedical Marketing Swag Tech Gear

  1. USB Hub With Phone Stand will help attendees share information and be able to display presentations on the go! 
  2. Retractable 3-1 Charging Cable is a popular item because it is a portable charging cable and everyone needs to charge their phone. Simply plug the cable into a powered USB port and then into your device or smartphone. 
  3. Customizable USB-C Adapter is a unique and practical marketing swag option for conferences. Most iPhone users need a USB-C adapter so if your organization provided this at the next medical conference your booth would be sure to get traction!

Top-Rated Promotional Items for Dental Conferences 

Show Your Logo has a huge selection of customizable swag specifically for dental conferences, and dental offices. Our selection of promotional dental care and promotional hygiene logo items makes brand identification easy. 

Have you ever been to a dental office or conference that didn’t present you with a promotional product? I can assure you that I have not. Why is that? There’s power in promotional products. Give your clients customized personal care items like toothbrushes, dental floss,  and they will see your logo every day. Check out our customizable dental swag today!

Create a Strong Presence at Medical Conferences with Quality Displays

Your booth simply wouldn’t be complete without the use of displays, banners, and signage to represent who you are and what you do. Well-designed trade show booths allow you to engage with your target audience and create a lasting impression.

Show Your Logo has everything you need to help you create an appealing booth display at your next medical conference. Get your conference display and your medical marketing swag in one place! 

We offer everything from portable exhibits to booth and banner stands that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. With Show Your Logo, you can expect exceptional design, affordable prices, high-quality products, and fast delivery.

Get Medical Marketing Swag From Show Your Logo 

Show Your Logo creates long-lasting relationships with healthcare organizations like yours. We provide you with high-quality logo medical swag that will help grow your organization’s brand recognition. 

Show Your Logo is the best medical marketing swag vendor because we have top-rated products, an in-house graphic designer for your use, and great pricing. We make our ordering process simple for your organization and work alongside your marketing team to determine the best products for your next medical marketing conference.

Browse through our promotional medical apparel and supplies and place an order today!

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