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SYL’s Custom Snack Bags Make Great Corporate Gifts

Finding a unique and memorable gift can be a challenge in any setting, let alone one that can serve as custom logo merchandise for your office, business, and corporate marketing. If you are looking for a great corporate gift to hand out in any business setting, like trade shows or retreats, custom snack bags are just what you need!

Custom snack bags and custom snack boxes resonate with recipients, reflect your company’s values, and leave a lasting impression. By checking the “custom snack” box for all three core factors, custom snacks are proven to be an effective marketing and sales tool.

At Show Your Logo, you can get custom-branded snacks and custom snack bags to serve up a memorable treat for your office or marketing event. Full of flavor, these small branded snack bags punch a punch when it comes to effective, and out-of-the-box, corporate marketing and branding. Read on to see what custom snacks at Show Your Logo will be perfect for your company!

Top 6 Benefits of Custom Snack Bags

Promotional Snack BagsBranded snacks do wonders for your marketing efforts. Besides the extra energy they provide, they can boost your business in more ways than one! While custom snack bags may be bite-sized, the impact they have is much larger than most people realize.

1. Promotional marketing through custom snack bags

Everyone loves a delicious treat, and nothing works better at getting someone’s attention than the promise of a snack. A custom snack bag with your brand logo on it will get the word out about your company while letting potential customers or clients (and even current employees) know how much you value them.

Successful promotional marketing very often leads to increased profitability. Looking to get the best ROI from your promotional products? Check out our blog for the best tips and tricks to pick out the best corporate gifts for your business.

2. Achieve positive brand association through the senses with branded snacks

When you’re promoting your brand, you want your brand association to stay positive. Branded snacks not only get the word out about your company but also forge a sweet association in your customers’ minds.

3. Custom snacks are more thoughtful than boring office supplies

Business can be boring. Tradeshows and conventions get exhausting. But don’t let this poor energy affect your corporate merch ideas!

While office supplies are common corporate promotional items and gifts, a customized snack bag offers your coworkers or clients a fun treat to brighten their day.

4. Custom snack packaging means custom branding

Customized gifts add a personal touch to any occasion. Custom snack packaging can be easily customized with the recipient’s name or your company brand. This allows potential clients to know who sent them the thoughtful custom snack bag. Besides, personalizing your gift without spending too much time or money is a worthwhile investment for the increased return it generates.

5. Tailor your custom snack bags to your specific client

Different clients have different tastes and snack preferences. Going the extra mile to get a snack you know they like will help sweeten the deal! With Show Your Logo, you can find a wide variety of custom snacks and custom snack bags to please a wide variety of snackers.

6. Custom snack bags are easy to ship or deliver

While handing out corporate swag is a great way to meet potential clients face-to-face, many professionals work from home these days. Show Your Logo’s customized snack bags can easily be shipped to any office or home. This way, you can show your clients how much you care without stressing about the logistics of getting the gift to them and paying for hefty shipping fees.

Custom Snack Bags at SYL

Snack Bags With Custom LogoNow that we’ve discussed the benefits of custom snack bags, let’s dive into the real reason you’re here. Without further adieu, here are the best custom snacks at Show Your Logo!

Gift Bags of Popcorn with Custom Snack Packaging

Show Your Logo’s gourmet popcorn gift bags feature customizable labels and multiple color options for the bow. You can order popcorn in delicious flavors like cheddar, peanut butter, or the indulgent Midnight Snax Munch mix.

Mini Cookie Custom Snack Tote

The Mrs. Fields mini cookie gift tote includes three packs of freshly made Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie nibblers, wrapped in a beautiful hand-tied gift bow. Sealed for freshness, the 3-pack of famous Mrs. Fields cookies make this a custom snack bag that any client will recognize.

The Original Custom Snack – Candy

Show Your Logo’s Mug Drops gummy bears bag includes delicious gummy bear candies and your choice of white, black, red, or light blue bows. The Mug Drops dark chocolate almond bag contains almonds covered in rich dark chocolate. You can also get the Mug Drop Skittles bag, with the beloved fruit-flavored Skittles candies in your choice of bow.

Each custom snack bag is sealed to ensure freshness and comes with your choice of decorative bow – and your logo clearly displayed on the custom snack packaging, of course.

S’mores Single-Serve Stuffer Custom Snack

Show Your Logo’s S’mores single-serve stuffer gift is a fun kit. Complete with a graham cracker sheet, a marshmallow, and a Hershey’s chocolate bar, this customized snack is the perfect example of how custom snack bags can be incredibly unique and thoughtful.

Sweet and Savory Custom Snack Box Tower

Need a corporate swag gift that will really stand out for your client? Give them more than one!

For a truly indulgent gift, you can get a preferred customer Show Your Logo’s sweet and savory custom snack box gift tower. This customized snack packaging is three boxes of custom snacks, piled on top of each other, and beautifully wrapped with a bow.

With an assortment of custom snack box choices, including non-melt jelly beans, chocolate pretzels, jumbo pistachios, jumbo cashews, and Show Your Logo’s Snacken gourmet mix, any client would be ecstatic to receive such a generous gift!

Savor Your Marketing Success with SYL’s Custom Snack Bags

Now that your stomach is growling, it’s easy to see (or should I say hear) how Show Your Logo’s custom snack bags offer a unique and delightful solution for corporate gifting.

With their unmatched custom logo options, diverse snack varieties, and commitment to quality, these customized snack bags are a convenient and cost-effective way to make a lasting impression on your business’s clients, employees, and partners.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your corporate gifting game with SYL’s custom snack bags? We’d love to hear which custom snack bag suits your business the most.

Don’t see the branded custom snacks you need? Reach out to Show Your Logo and we’ll help find it. Check out our full list of snacks to keep your corporate marketing gifts looking good and tasting even better!


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