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Earth Day Every Day: Ten Ideas for Planning Eco-Friendly Events

Earth Day

  • Get the word out about the event electronically rather than via a printed invitation.


  • Encourage event attendees to utilize public transportation to and from your event. Better still, choose hotels within walking distance.


  • Choose hotels that solicit energy and resource conservation. Gentle reminders to turn out the lights are often posted near light switches. Polite requests to use linens and towels more than once are also posted in guests’ rooms.



  • Write the agenda on a dry erase board or use PowerPoint instead of paper. If paper must be used, choose paper products made from 20% or more post-consumer recycled materials.


  • Serve all food and refreshments with reusable dishes and flatware. Or, eliminate the need for flatware altogether by serving finger food.


  • Request that event attendees wear their business card as a name tag in retractable badge holders. Collect the badge holders at the end of the event to be used again.


  • Purchase durable signage that can be used for many events, not just one event.


  • Donate leftover food to a local homeless shelter or food pantry as appropriate.


  • Promote your “green” efforts along with the rest of the event. Let your employees, customers, and potential customers know your business or organization cares deeply about the environment.





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