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Show Your Logo (Bus) Co-Pilot: Steve Brungart

Show Your Logo General Manager Steve Brungart

Steve Brungart is General Manager of Show Your Logo.

Steve Brungart began his storied career in promotional products when he applied for a graphic arts job at a local printing company. He didn’t land the job as a graphic artist, but he was given a job handling the walk-in business at the front desk. Since then, Steve has steadily climbed a virtual mountain of promotional products knowledge and experience and has settled in as General Manager of Show Your Logo. Over the years, he’s worn many hats and put out many fires to get to the top. Remember that bus analogy? Steve has been navigating right alongside Don Forsell, Show Your Logo president, since the get-go.

Steve has been with Show Your Logo since shortly after the company website was launched. Of the decision to accept the job offer at the fledging company, Steve said, “My grandma told me that I shouldn’t take the job because no one would want to buy promotional products on the internet.” It’s hard to imagine now, but the internet of over a decade ago wasn’t the internet we know and love today. It was a much smaller place. Luckily, Grandma had it all wrong about the internet and people’s desire to purchase promotional products via the world wide web.

“I started out in sales and sucked at it,” Steve admits. “My first arrangement with Don was to have a draw of $300 per pay check. That was going to be just enough to cover my car payment. I really had a hard time meeting that.”

It wasn’t long before Steve began taking on many roles in the company, wearing many hats throughout the day to help cultivate growth. “I can and have done almost every job here,” Steve noted. “In the beginning I did some art and sales. I’ve worked in customer service, order processing, book keeping, web design. I train almost everyone that comes through the door.”

Steve has been instrumental in shaping Show Your Logo into the company it is today.

Another notable contribution is the handcrafted furniture in the conference room as well as Steve’s office. Loathing the waste of discarded, wooden spools abandoned by an industrial company, Steve transformed them into an enormous table for the Show Your Logo conference room.

Show Your Logo Conference Room

Here’s one of the Show Your Logo gathering places. General Manager Steve Brungart salvaged the wood for the conference table from industrial sized spools.


A smaller, more intimate table flanked by bar height stools is housed in his own office. Promotional cups make up the base of the this unique  table.

Show Your Logo Office

Take a peek inside Steve’s office and admire his handcrafted table built from salvaged wood and promotional cups.

In addition to “building things,” Steve enjoys playing on his recreational soccer team and spending time with his wife and two children.



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