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Custom Medical Apparel to Order for Your Hospital Staff

Many jobs require a uniform, and the medical industry is no different. Healthcare organization logo scrubs allow all medical personnel to have a more uniform appearance while maintaining cleanliness. At SYL, let’s freshen up your employee’s look with the best custom medical apparel on the market.

A uniform, like logo scrubs, provides a cohesive look for employees and allows their company to stand out. This has become an important attribute of medical apparel. Hospital staff need to look professional to instill trust in their patients, as well as differentiate medical providers so people easily know who can provide care.

While scrubs are largely associated with the medical field, at SYL we provide a wide range of custom medical apparel and healthcare swag to suit your needs. Read on to learn what items we can provide to assist with your custom medical apparel order.

SYL Best Medical Apparel Options

Harriton Custom Scrubs SYLFor doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and more, day-to-day medical apparel helps to make up the uniform of healthcare superheroes. The high-quality medical apparel options SYL provides front-line healthcare workers match the high-quality service these medical professionals provide. SYL’s top healthcare swag gear includes:

  1. Harriton Custom Scrub Tops
  2. Men’s and Women’s Medical Apparel T-Shirts
  3. Harriton Custom Scrub Bottoms
  4. Disposable Surgical Facemasks
  5. North Face Sweatshirts
  6. Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirts
  7. Performance Pull-Overs

SYL is proud to be a leading provider of medical apparel for the healthcare industry. Check out our extensive list of nurse apparel and accessories, inclu4ding PPE products, in our health and safety products today!

Customized Medical Apparel for Your Exact Needs

Show Your Logo Custom Logo DesignAnd the best part about these amazing medical apparel products? All can be customized exactly to your liking! Custom features that SYL is happy to provide include company logo imprints, second-location logo imprints, and even logo redesign capability.

Company logo imprints are clearly the number one customization service we provide. I mean, it’s in our company name after all! Making sure your nurse apparel and accessories have your hospital logo on them helps keep your medical professionals looking great.

Of course, it never hurts to have your logo shown as often as possible! Second-location logo imprints help to establish your healthcare organization and keep your uniforms as custom as possible.

Don’t like your logo? Well, we like a challenge! At SYL, if you don’t enjoy your current company insignia, our in-house designers can help you create a new one. No matter the color, size, or detail, we want your custom medical apparel to look exactly how you want it to.

From start to finish, Show Your Logo is the leading industry professional for all custom medical apparel products. We all know medical professionals are amazing people, but help them stand out even more with custom medical apparel uniforms.

Why Providing Medical Swag for Healthcare Professionals Increases Job Satisfaction

Post Covid, it is no secret that the healthcare industry has had a difficult time retaining employees. Long, hard hours of work make the job very difficult which can lead to employee dissatisfaction and eventual quitting of their position.

This only perpetuates and begins a negative cycle by putting more pressure on other units and medical staff within the hospital. But what if we told you there is a simple, yet effective way, to stay ahead of this vicious circle?

It is no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee. Better productivity means better daily operations, happier patients, and more revenue. Even Forbes explains the importance of businesses putting in the effort to make employees feel valued for their efforts.

Help the men and women who take care of their fellow humans feel taken care of themselves. At SYL, we have medical swag in the form of nurse apparel and accessories that will be the perfect gifts for healthcare professionals.

To learn more about the power of giving your employees personalized medical apparel, check out our recent blog on how corporate swag generates ROI, brand awareness, and more!

Best Medical Professional Appreciation Gift Ideas

While custom scrubs make for great medical apparel, there are even better products at SYL to offer as incentivizing gifts. In order to make your hospital staff feel appreciated, go beyond providing ordinary scrubs with the top healthcare swag gear items.

Custom Logo Lunch Bags

Show Your Logo Customized Palermo Travel MugHospital shifts can be grueling. With nurses and doctors constantly moving and on their feet, that means they are burning a lot of energy each day. Make sure your healthcare employees are staying fueled and focused by providing custom logo lunch bags.

Customized Thermal Mug

Whether working three twelve-hour shifts or four ten-hour shifts, as we all know working in a hospital setting can be exhausting. With healthcare professionals working extremely late nights and very early mornings, coffee is definitely a must-have for every member of a nursing unit. Allow your employees to make a cup of coffee in a customized thermal mug or drinkware option!

Custom Medical Penlights with Company Logo

Offered in bulk, these medical inspection pen lights are sure to be a hit on any floor! Assessing pupil dilation is a common step in proper nursing procedure. Having these custom medical penlights with a company logo on hand will be super helpful for your employees, and adding the logo provides a professional touch.

Tote and Drawstring Bags with Logo

Show Your Logo Customized ToteMake sure your employees have their bags properly packed with their nurse apparel and accessories for every shift with custom tote and drawstring bags! These spacious totes allow for easy access and can fit every item needed for a long shift! Help your employees be prepared in a professional manner by adding your custom logo to them as well.

With over 800,000 products to choose from, SYL offers a selection like no other healthcare industry vendor. To help you choose the right products, we’ve composed a list of the top 10 most popular medical swag gifts for nurses and other medical professionals.

Searching for “Medical Apparel Near Me”? Choose SYL

At Show Your Logo, we have worked diligently to become the industry’s best custom medical apparel vendor, and we are ready to show you how we earned that title.

Whether your healthcare company needs healthcare swag to promote your organization, build brand recognition, promote your services with medical marketing swag, or provide gifts for healthcare professionals, Show Your Logo can handle it all!

With our established supply chain network, SYL can provide a record turnaround time for your medical swag order. With years of experience ranging from orders for Fortune 500 companies to small, local businesses, we have no limit for the volume of your medical apparel order. If our selection does not appease the custom medical apparel you need, we perform a custom search to find a satisfactory product off-site.

While order size, product choice, and company needs can vary, our quality remains the same. We would love to connect! Get in touch today to start your custom medical apparel and accessory order or personalized free quote.

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