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Custom Print Pet Themed Stress Relievers

custom paw stress relievers

Customize these paw shaped stress relievers with the name of your business as well as your logo.

How can you print up a 3-D business card that won’t get lost in the shuffle? How can you brand your business and keep your contact information handy for all your customers or clients? Promotional stress relievers will do the trick.

Today Show Your Logo brings you pet-themed stress relievers, which are a fun, affordable, and memorable way for veterinarians, dog groomers, pet stores, and doggie daycare/boarding centers to engage in some effective branding and marketing. Dog walking business? These promo items will do for you, too. There are plenty of businesses, animal rescue organizations, and humane societies that can benefit from a pet-themed stress ball giveaway.

The fact of the matter is that Americans spent an estimated $53 billion on pets in 2012. That’s a lot of cash. Get some of that on your books!


Dog Themed Promotional Stress Relievers 


basset hound stress relieversBasset Hound Stress Relievers

Maybe you operate a Basset Hound rescue organization. Maybe you’re a veterinarian who is simply partial to the breed. No matter. This little guy is irresistible.




custom bulldog stress relieversBulldog Stress Relievers

I find most dogs irresistible. I have to avoid the pet store when they’re hosting one of those dog rescue adoption events. I already have two dogs, four kids, a parakeet, and something like twenty fish.



custom dalmatian stress relieversDalmatian Stress Relievers

If I actually ran into this dog with that spot over his eye and he needed a home, I’d probably have three dogs. This promotional product is another keeper.




black lab stress relievers

Black Lab Stress Relievers

I never met a black labrador retriever I didn’t love. Show your logo some love when you print on these promo items.




fire hydrant stress relievers

Fire Hydrant Stress Relievers

If I had a dog walking business I would hand these out to everyone with a dog.




dog biscuit stress relievers

Dog Biscuit Stress Relievers

My local pet store has a fancy bakery case filled with freshly baked, preservative-free dog treats. Do you make those? These promotional dog biscuit stress toys may be the perfect way to brand your business.



Cat Themed Stress Relievers

orange cat stress relieversOrange Cat Stress Relievers

I’m allergic to cats. I’ve never had a cat. But if I did, I’d get an orange one. Like this.




promotional cat stress relievers

Black and White Cat Stress Relievers

Looking for a less cartoonish looking stress reliever in the shape of a cat? This guy definitely has an authentic look about him.




persian cat stress relievers

Persian Cat Stress Relievers

Here’s another realistic looking stress ball in the shape of a cat. She’s more refined than the black and white guy up above.





Other Animal-Themed Promotional Stress Relievers


tropical fish stress relievers

Tropical Fish Stress Relievers

Choose from amongst this delightful school of fish. Print your logo right across their scales and fins and brand your business for an amazing low price.









print frog stress relievers

Frog Stress Relievers

Frogs are pets, too. Well, they can be. For some people.




custom rabbit stress relieversRabbit Stress Relievers

Own a pet store? Do you sell rabbits and rabbit supplies? These promotional products may just be for you.




custom turtle stress relievers

Turtle Stress Relievers

Many pet stores sell turtles and the supplies needed to keep them alive and well. Print your logo on these adorable turtle stress relievers.




You find these guys irresistible, too, don’t you? Get going on your order of custom printed, pet-themed promotional products from Show Your Logo. Our sales team is more than happy to help you find the perfect promo items for your business as well as your budget. Contact them today!











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