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Where to Order the Best Custom Scrubs with a Company Logo

As the past few years have shown, frontline medical personnel and hospital staff are truly the most important people in society’s workforce. Their dedication to quality care through hard times shows just how special these people are. The least a medical organization can do is offer custom logo scrubs of the highest quality to help the doctors, nurses, and others who keep us healthy and safe every day.

PPE and related medical apparel are extremely important. Custom logo scrubs allow nurses to have sterilized clothing for whoever they may interact with, present themselves in a professional manner, and designate these modern-day heroes.

To show your appreciation for your healthcare workers, and maintain a professional appearance for your team, you need to know where to order the best custom scrubs with a company logo.

Why SYL Is the Best Vendor For Custom Medical Apparel

Blue SYL bubble map for Corporate Swag BlogAt Show Your Logo, we wouldn’t call ourselves the best if we didn’t mean it. SYL is the industry leader in all things custom medical apparel and medical swag.

Supplying custom scrubs with a company logo on them, as well as customized face masks, is not something we take lightly. We are honored to be able to help those on the frontline of healthcare and do our part to keep such amazing people safe.

But who said that you can’t be safe and look trendy at the same time? While scrubs and masks are a mandatory uniform for healthcare staff, we believe that looking your best helps you perform your best. Supplying custom scrubs with a company logo is how we are doing our part to be there for those whose job is to be there for everyone!

But how do we uphold the heavy title of being the best vendor for wholesale scrub sets? By featuring:

  • Over 800,000 customizable products.
  • A fully online website for easy ordering
  • The ability to cover any order volume size
  • Quick turnaround time
  • The highest quality products on the market
  • Competitive prices

Healthcare professionals of all positions deserve the utmost respect – and that directly translates into how they deserve the highest quality custom scrubs and medical swag as well.

Still wondering why SYL is the best medical apparel vendor? Check out our recent blog post – we’re here to answer any questions you may have!

Medical Apparel Products That SYL Offers

While our services alone prove SYL is the best medical apparel vendor, we hold our products to the same standard! By offering a wide selection of options, and numerous customized wholesale scrub sets, we are able to reach any healthcare office or organization’s needs for medical swag.

Our Top Medical Swag and Wholesale Scrub Sets

Harriton Custom Scrubs SYL1. Harriton Custom Scrub Tops and Bottoms
These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and design possibilities. Featuring a drawstring waist and a cotton/polyester blend material, these customized scrubs have plenty of potential. Get your custom scrubs with a company logo visible by selecting the option to have second location logo imprints.

2. Custom Face Mask Options
Whether for at work or after, make sure you have a mask around! SYL offers PPE-level medical custom face mask options, as well as stylishly designed, comfortable cloth masks as well.

3. Convertible Scrubs Tote
The pressure to never make a mistake for healthcare workers is heavy. Juggling long shifts and unpredictable life events can create stressful moments. Always stay prepared for getting called into work at a moment’s notice with our convertible scrubs tote.

Our other very popular customized medical apparel products include:

SYL Customization Options

Custom Scrubs Tote SYLWith our motto of, “You name it. We print on it.”, we are here to make your custom scrub dreams come true! Featuring high-quality, yet cheap scrub sets at a wholesale price, SYL is able to provide additional customization services other companies can’t offer.

Our most common customization service is custom scrubs with company logo imprints. Having all uniforms with their place of work right on the front offers a “uniformed” look for all employees.

While we can add your logo to any of our products, we also have the capability to redesign it! If you’re not entirely satisfied with your current company logo, customize it to your liking with our in-house designers. They will assist you through the entire process until you are satisfied with the look and know what SYL products it will look best on.

Having your logo strategically placed is important for growing awareness of your medical company or brand. This is why for several of our products we also offer second-location logo imprints. Your logo is sometimes the first interaction potential clients, patients, and employees will have with your business, so make sure they notice it.

At Show Your Logo, we take pride in our products and we want you to do so as well! We offer extensive customization services for custom scrubs and more to make sure our products fulfill your unique needs – no matter what they may be! We’re not happy until you are.

Why You Should Customize Your Medical Apparel

Does your office use wholesale scrub sets as standard office wear? Does everyone wear different brands featuring different logos than your own? Do you want your unit to appear more professional and cohesive?

If these questions apply to you, then customized scrubs with company logo imprints are the answer for you!

When wearing a custom face mask or customized scrubs, this allows individuals to still meet uniform requirements but take it up a notch. By matching everyone else at your healthcare office or floor, this shows patients that your organization is a united front.

When you can dress your best, you can do your best, so order from the best! By having customized scrubs with a shared logo, everyone looks prepared – exactly how you have to be to work in healthcare. This allows your patients to feel safer and trust as you do your job successfully in custom scrubs.

Custom Scrubs Can Decrease Turnover Rate

Satisfied Nurse Giving a Thumbs-Up in Medical ApparelBesides the obvious fact that having custom scrubs can make your healthcare office look more professional, there are even more reasons why you should order custom nursing and medical apparel from SYL.

Taking the time to provide your healthcare employees with custom scrubs, custom face mask options, or other custom nursing swag can lead to decreased turnover rate and increased ROI! That’s right, an investment into your employees pays back in dividends!

Choosing a healthcare profession means fulfilling a difficult job. According to the Medscape Nurse Career Satisfaction Report from 2021, up to 35% of nurses are currently reporting feeling heavily burnt out from their jobs. Retention is critical at this point, and taking the necessary steps to incentivize healthcare workers is key.

Providing nurses with uniforms that are customized scrubs made with the best materials shows respect for your workers. By treating your workers respectfully, this allows them to feel appreciated, enjoy a positive work environment, and want to stay to continue working. Reinvest and revitalize your unit by ordering wholesale scrub sets with a company logo.

Besides custom scrubs, giving other gifts to your employees can show respect and help decrease turnover rates. Check out our recent blog to see the top 10 most popular medical swag gift ideas for nurses.

Check Out SYL’s Other Products for the Healthcare Industry

Medical Apparel Grey North Face SweatshirtDo you need more than medical apparel and custom scrubs for your hospital organization? Don’t worry, SYL has way more in store than just that!

Some of our other popular customized items that would be extremely applicable to the healthcare workplace environment include:

  • North Face Jackets: hospitals tend to stay colder. Bundle up for your shift with our cozy sweatshirt selection that includes North Face options.
  • Water Bottles: make sure your nurses take care of themselves! With our wide range of water bottles, they’ll be able to stay hydrated in a customized style.
  • Insulated Tumblers: keep your coffee warm no matter how long your shift is. Tumblers can carry up to 30 ounces of a warm beverage of your choice!

From custom scrubs with a company logo, to other nursing gear like tumblers and more, SYL provides all the products you need in one convenient place for an even better price.

Let SYL Support Your Frontline Workers with the Best Custom Logo Scrubs and More!

Wondering where to order the best custom scrubs with a company logo? You’ve come to the right place!

Show Your Logo is proud to be a wholesale vendor for custom logo scrubs and more to numerous organizations in the healthcare sector. Servicing the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff with high-quality products is what we do best.

Showcase your medical organization inside and outside the hospital setting with durable, cost-effective, and attractive medical apparel. See how SYL can provide you with free quotes, virtual mock-ups, and samples to make sure your wholesale scrub sets are exactly what your team needs.

We look forward to helping those who help others. Get in touch with the experts on the SYL team to get your order started today!

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