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Custom Wine Glasses Call for Appropriate Wine Pairings

Confession: I’m not a wine connoisseur. Not even close. When I’m hosting a dinner and one of my guests asks, “What can I bring?” I always request a bottle of wine. I let the wine drinkers figure out what pairs best with a pineapple-marinated Easter ham or our traditional Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve. I have no clue. I’m the type who’s happy to take a few gulps of whatever between hostess duties to get me through the event.

I would, however, like to rectify this situation. As my children, nieces, and nephews are getting older, the pace of our holiday dinners is slowing down. I’m spending less time on tasks like removing two-year-olds from amongst my china and wine glasses on the dining room table and more time just….sitting…and enjoying my family’s company. I would like to take this opportunity to notice all those subtle flavors I’m supposed to appreciate in a quality bottle of wine. I would like to take the time to notice of how a bottle of wine pairs with whatever food it is I’m serving. Heck, I’d even like to know what kind of wine to buy myself without hitting up my guests to do it for me.

For my fellow wine ignoramuses, here’s a pretty cool start in our wine-pairing education:


Do you have a favorite wine pairing? Any wine advice? Favorite brand names? Share! We’d love to read your comments.

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