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Don’t Feed Me Tees and Other Clever Ways to Use Custom T-Shirts For Safety

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What’s better than safety pinning a note about your kid’s food allergies to her t-shirt? How about a t-shirt your child can wear warning others of her food allergies before someone accidentally slips her that peanut butter cookie? Think about it. These custom t-shirts are washable, reusable, and can be worn whenever you feel your child may be at higher risk of being fed allergy-triggering snack by well-meaning adults.

Kym Whitley, actress and comedian, was featured on ABC News recently for her clever t-shirt design that allows parents to use a magic marker to make a highly visible, memo-like checklist directly on their child’s shirt. The idea, of course, is to prevent accidental ingestion or contact with foods that a young child is highly allergic to. Her website, which sells the tees for $10 each, explains that her son has severe food allergies. She designed the shirts with him in mind.

The safety tee isn’t an entirely new concept. One company,, has been at it since 2005, also providing fair warning of a child’s food allergies directly on a t-shirt.

Kids with allergies aren’t the only kids who can benefit from the safety measures that can be provided via custom printed t-shirts.

A local daycare recently printed safety green, kid sized t-shirts for all the charges to wear on field trips.custom t-shirt The owner of the daycare explained to Show Your Logo how the uniform, bright color would make it easy for caregivers to quickly identify which kids belong with the daycare. This is of particular importance, our sales team was advised, when a daycare shuttles kids to some typically crowded places like the zoo or the park.

We at Show Your Logo also noted how the name of her daycare all over those “look-at-me-green” t-shirts would also do nicely to brand her business.

We also thought we could spin this idea for some other markets. Jenny Craig? Weight Watchers? How about “Don’t Feed Me Tees” in adult sizes listing off-limits food for dieters? Pizza. Cheeseburgers. Ice cream. You get the idea.

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