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Earth Day Every Day: Ten Promotional Products for Eco-Friendly Branding

Earth Day

Visualize the last big event you attended.  Now focus on the waste.

Chances are you’re picturing throngs of happy people at a community festival chucking grease-stained paper plates into an overflowing trash bin. There are crushed aluminum cans, discarded water bottles, and plastic forks missing a tine or two. Of course, there’s a nice film of powdered sugar on everything because that’s what happens when someone sells funnel cakes.

Maybe the event you attended was work-related. Were you just transported back to an overly air conditioned hotel conference room? Can you smell the coffee, doughnuts, and bagels? Are the garbage cans here spilling over with lipstick-stained Styrofoam cups, plastic coffee stirrers, and used coffee creamers?

Ok, so your event was work related, but you attended a trade show. Exhibitors are handing you folder after folder filled with literature, all printed on precious paper. You can already see this literature piling up in trash cans positioned near the exit, right alongside crumpled, sticker-backed name tags.

Clearly,  there’s a whole lot of needless waste occurring at these events. As Earth Day 2013 approaches this April 22nd, you may be contemplating ways in which your business or organization can contribute to the Go Green movement, or at the very least, show your clientele that Earth Day is on your radar.

Show Your Logo has compiled a list of ten promotional products to help your business, brand, or organization engage this Earth Day and every day.


cheap coffee mugs#10: Resusable Coffee Mugs

An oldie but a goodie, a ceramic coffee mug winds up in the dishwasher at home or in the office, not the trash. These basic, affordable custom mugs are eco-friendly because they can be used again and again, unlike those Styrofoam cups.





imprint stainless steel mugs#9: Insulated Travel Mugs

An insulated travel mug keeps your coffee hot, your hands cool, and your shirt clean (think spill proof lid). With all the durable, attractive options available at Show Your Logo, you can practically guarantee this is a promotional product they’ll reach for again and again.




Insulated-Travel-Cups#8: RECYCLED Travel Mugs

An Earth Day favorite—a reusable travel mug made of 60 – 70% recycled home plastic. Not only are you advocating the whole concept of reusable drinkware, you’re advocating a product made of recycled materials. Score!




customized tumblers#7: Acrylic Tumblers

People can sip all kinds of drinks from these acrylic tumblers with straw: iced coffee, iced tea, water, soda. The best part? They can use these promotional products again and again, keeping waste out of landfills and promoting your company name and logo.




Tradeshow-Badge-Holders#6: Retractable Badge Holders

So long, sticker-backed, paper name tags. Encourage everyone who attends the conference or trade show to leave these retractable badge holders behind so your company can, on behalf of the Earth, use them for future events.




recycled printed notebooks#5: Recycled Notebooks

Even in this day and age of smartphones and tablets, everyone can use a promotional notebook. The recycled variety demonstrates your brand’s concern for our planet. There’s plenty of room for an imprint that includes your company name and logo as well as a personal message or some wise words regarding conservation of our precious natural resources.




recycled pens

#4: Recycled Paper Pens

These are some pretty cool pens constructed of recycled paper. If you want your customers to “write home” about a terrific, eco-friendly promotional product, these custom pens could do to the trick.





make refrigerator magnets#3: Recycled Cardboard Magnets

If you’re looking for an extremely affordable way to demonstrate your company’s concern for Earth Day, these recycled cardboard magnets are a great option. Follow Show Your Logo’s Pinterest board “Earth Day Every Day” for some inspirational quotes appropriate for Earth Day promotional magnets.



promotional usb drives


#2: Promotional USB Drives

Instead of handing out tons and tons of literature at that conference or trade show, why not hand out all your information on custom usb drives? Not only will you be saving trees and keeping all that paper out of landfills, you’ll be giving away a product that will make impressions on your customers or potential customers over and over again.



recycled tote bags#1: Recycled Tote Bags

The recycled tote bag is number one on our list for three very good reasons. One, this particular bag is made from recycled PET plastic. Two, this bag can be recycled if necessary. Three, it’s reusable. We’ve all heard how plastic store bags are polluting the environment. The polluting nature of plastic shopping bags has led many communities to outlaw their distribution. Whether or not we have access to plastic shopping bags in our own communities, we can all do our part to do better for the Earth by using tote bags in place of plastic.


In need of more inspiration? The knowledgeable, friendly sales team at Show Your Logo can suggest other products that fit your needs as well as your budget. The promotional products above are a mere glimpse of the 750,000  products we can customize for your business, school, or organization. Show our planet some love this Earth Day with affordable, reusable promo items.

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