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Get In My Minivan: Print Logo Products Moms Will Keep for the Long Haul

odysseyBesides promotional products, I’m also in the minivan-driving-soccer-mom business, which means that this weekend was jam-packed with four travel soccer games, only one of which was remotely close to home. It may not surprise you, then, to learn that the Vantasy was, per usual, loaded down with kids, soccer gear, snacks, extra water bottles, sunscreen, changes of clothing, folding chairs, blankets, and more. (Yes! Blankets! In June! In Chicago!)

As I sat huddled under the canopy of my shade chair yesterday afternoon in a spitting rain that wouldn’t quit, my fleece blanket became damp. Before long it was full on wet. (Yesterday’s spitting rain? Only a slight improvement over Saturday afternoon’s fast-moving-tsunami-like rainstorm that left us all drenched in approximately one nano-second.)

It occurred to me sitting under this unpleasant blanket that it may be advisable to add a waterproof variety to my stockpile of supplies that simply live in the Vantasy out of necessity.

I have never owned a waterproof blanket, but I felt confidant they existed. A quick search of the database of 750,000 promotional products sold by Show Your Logo turned one up that I must have. I present to you the…


custom waterproof blanket Custom Waterproof Blanket

A waterproof black polyester backing is 100% waterproof. The flip side, available in charcoal grey, forest green, plaid forest green, plaid paprika red, red, or royal blue, is 100% polyester fleece. Not only will this sucker keep your legs dry seated under a shade chair in a spitting rain, it seems to me it would function nicely as a beach blanket or picnic blanket. It comes with a carry tote with an external patch pocket for embroidery, but it can also be rolled and secured with an elastic strap. 50″ W x 60″ L


Are minivan driving moms in your target audience? Would you like to take a look at promotional products that live inside my van and get regular use whether it be in the car, on a soccer field, through a parking lot, at the beach, at the park, at the zoo, at the pool…We go a lot of places. That’s great news for some company logos.


custom print shade chairs Custom Shade Canopy Travel Chairs

I have one of these. Unless it’s being used for an event, it never leaves the trunk. The shade canopy is vital. When you’re my age, the sun is not your friend. Need a foldable custom chair to market to moms? This is a great choice.



logo air compressor

 Logo Air Compressors

Here’s another handy gadget I keep in the car at all times. An adaptor allows me to plug it right into the car’s power supply, meaning I can quickly inflate a soccer ball or even a tire with low air pressure on the go.



custom car organizers


Custom Back Seat Car Organizers

Here’s an obvious but super practical choice. What do we keep in our organizers, hung for easy access for the kids? Travel games. DVDs. Drinks. Snacks. Sunscreen. Bandages. Hand sanitizer. Lip balm. Gum. It’s a lot of stuff, but at least it’s all contained.


custom dual usb chargers Dual USB Chargers with Your Logo

How many iPods can you charge with a single USB charger? Only one. This can create a bad situation, particularly if all four of your kids want to charge their iPods at once. Two outlets, two dual usb chargers, and we’re all squared away.



custom car sun shade

Custom Car Sun Shades 

Have one. Only use it on super hot days, but I’m sure it gets a lot of attention in all those crowded parking lots we frequent all summer long. It’s nice to get into a vehicle that’s at least a few degrees cooler than the tar melting under our flip flops at the pool.



logo auto vacuum

Custom 12V Portable Auto Vacuum 

Do I even have to explain this one? Have you ever looked inside someone’s minivan after even the briefest of road trips? Moms may not love to vacuum, but they’ll turn to this promo item out of necessity. No one likes to sit in goldfish cracker crumbs.



custom car cleaning toolsCustom Auto Detailing Tool

Meet the Gap Stick. It helps reach all those aforementioned goldfish cracker crumbs the vacuum just can’t access like between the center console and the front seats. Here’s one of my favorite, cheapest promo gifts ever.



custom car organizersDouble Decker Custom Car Organziers

I like to keep supplies readily available in the car but I don’t want it floating loose. We keep extra clothes, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen in these as well our first aid kit. Everything is easily accessible but neatly stowed out of the way.



custom first aid kits Promotional First Aid Kits

How many times have we turned to a promo first aid kit? More than I can count. The original bandages are long gone, but the printed carrying case is perfect for regular restocking.



So there you have it. These are a few of my favorite, promotional things that live in the van and get regular attention. If you’re looking for the perfect products for moms on the go, any of the above would be an excellent choice. Whether you operate a car dealership, auto repair shop, oil change operation, or sports team, you’ll grab their attention time and time again with thoughtfully chosen promos.

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