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How to Print Custom T-Shirts Best Suited for Your Target Market: Part One

logo t-shirtsIf you’ve ever been shopping for custom t-shirts, you know all too well that there are an overwhelming number of options available to you. When you make a decision about which t-shirts to print on, you have a ton of variables to consider. Which brand name? What type of fabric or material? Should you opt for custom tag-free shirts? Of course, there are factors such as finding the right color shirt for your brand or organization, and in some instances, finding the right sizes. Everybody’s on a budget, so price is also an important factor. Finally, how do you choose which company to rely on to print your custom t-shirts? Put all these question marks together and it can feel like a daunting task choosing the right t-shirts.

Consider this. There are really three common options when it comes to printing on custom t-shirts. You can choose 100% cotton t-shirts, 50/50 blend t-shirts (made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester), and performance t-shirts (100% polyester).  There are advantages to each type of tee, and perhaps some disadvantages. It all depends on what you’re looking for. When making your choice, it’s really important to consider your target market and how they will wear your printed t-shirts.

We’re going to simplify the decision making process for you right here. Check out our breakdown of some of our most popular custom t-shirts. We’re organizing them here by fabric/material. I’m including our “as low as price” (which applies to high quantity orders) as a means of price comparison. Today, we’ll share some of our best-selling, 100% cotton t-shirts.


100% Cotton T-Shirts

T-shirts made from 100% cotton have a high quality, heavy feel to them. The brands utilize “pre-shrunk cotton” in the manufacturing process of 100% cotton tees, so consumers don’t have to worry about the shirts getting too tight after a round or two through the dryer. Manufacturers also identify each t-shirt’s weight. The weight of the t-shirt means that if given one yard of the material used to make the t-shirt, it would weigh the identified number of ounces. In other words, a t-shirt identified as having a weight of 6.1 ounces is going to have a thicker feel than a t-shirt labeled as 5.6 ounces. If you’re giving away your promotional t-shirts at a hot and humid summer event, you’ll probably want to choose a lighter weight 100% cotton t-shirt, a 50/50 blend t-shirt, or even a performance t-shirt. On the other hand, if you want your shirts to deliver some warmth, a heavy weight, 100% cotton t-shirt is a great choice.

Ready to meet some of our top selling, 100% cotton custom t-shirts?


custom printed t-shirts Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirts

Available in 28 colors and adult sizes S – 4XL, this shirt is extremely popular with good reason. It’s a high quality, affordable tee made by a brand name you already know and trust. Click through to see a color chart/names of all those colors. This is a 5.6 ounce tee, so it lives up to its name. As low as price: $2.34/each (applies to high quantity orders)



screen print t-shirts

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts

This 6.1 ounce beauty comes in a whopping assortment of 70 colors, sizes adult S – 3XL. If you’re interested in a heavyweight, 100% cotton t-shirt, this is another excellent option. Click through to see a color chart and the names of all 70 colors. There’s a color here for everybody! As low as price: $2.44/each (applies to high quantity orders)



advertising t-shirts

Gildan Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirts

Available in an impressive collection of 52 colors, this 5.3 ounce heavyweight, 100% cotton tee is as low as $2.34/each. If you’re looking for a Gildan on the lighter side, this is another great choice. These are excellent for give aways. If you want to shoot an enormous number of custom t-shirts from your air cannon and you’re looking for 100% cotton shirts, these may just be the shirts for you.



Hanes Beefy T-Shirts

Hanes is another well-known, trusted brand, so this 6.1 ounce, heavyweight t-shirt is another popular customer choice. This quality tee comes in 42 attractive colors and is available in sizes adult S-4XL. Our as low as price: $3.72/each (applies to higher quantity orders)



custom design t-shirts

 Anvil Organic Cotton T-Shirts

If organic cotton is an important feature in your custom t-shirts, these Anvil tees make a terrific choice. In order for a piece of apparel to be dubbed “organic,” manufacturers must use organic cotton. Just as with food that’s labeled organic at the grocery store, farmers must refrain from using chemicals or pesticides when growing organic cotton. This makes organic cotton t-shirts a “green,” Earth and human-friendly choice. Made with  5.0 ounce, 100% organic cotton, they’re certain to please. Choose from 16 eye-catching colors. As low as price: $5.33/each


printed t-shirts


Champion T-Shirts

Do the tags on t-shirts drive you crazy? Interested in a 100% cotton, tagless tee option? This may just be the t-shirt you’ve been looking for. At 6.1 ounces, it’s a true heavyweight champion, and with 16 colors to choose from you’re bound to find one of these tagless tees that’s right up your alley. As low as price: $4.20/each


print ladies t-shirts

Bella Ladies T-Shirts

Remember that t-shirts aren’t all cut, sized, and assembled for men. If your target market includes women, consider tees cut and sized to fit a woman’s body. These Bella tees are made with 4.2 ounce, 100% ringspun cotton. Twenty-nine delightful colors make up the collection, practically guaranteeing there’s a color for everyone. Available in sizes S – 2XL with an as low as price of $4.28/each (applies to higher quantity orders)


Keep in mind that these 100% cotton t-shirts are just a small sampling of the myriad of t-shirts available for customization at Show Your Logo. If you have something else in mind, explore our website or contact our t-shirt printing experts. One way or another, we’ll help you find the custom t-shirts you need and want to brand your business and effectively reach your target market.

Stay tuned for our rundown on 50/50 blend t-shirts and performance tees coming up later in the week.


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