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Branding. Creating an image for your company is a major objective of the promotional products industry. I’ve been taking more and more notice of how companies go about branding since I started writing this blog. Of course, the scope of branding reaches beyond promotional products. Lately, I’ve taken to checking out product packaging to see what various companies are up to.

I just want to say that I love that at least a couple brands don’t just print the demand to “Like us on Facebook” on their products or on their webpages. They make an effort to inject some branding right into their Facebook “Like” request.

I whipped up some nachos for the kids’ dinner the other night and utilized Tostitos. (No judgment. It was double soccer practice/Tae Kwon Do/tons of homework night.)

Tostitos packaging:”Party with us on Facebook.” I could actually feel the corners of my mouth tug upwards at this clever marketing scheme.

I don’t have a package of Oreos handy at the moment, but I do remember that their packaging reads something like: “To dunk or not to dunk? Tell us on Facebook.” It’s amazing that I remember that much. I’m usually oblivious to advertising unless it involves a coupon or some sort of money saving scheme. That’s how impressed I am with these hooks to try and lure me to Facebook Fan Pages.

So much less annoying than the plea, “Like us on Facebook.”

As the chief buyer around here, I’m the target of some of that marketing going on out there. I’m here to tell you that I feel a snarl forming on my face whenever I see a large sign set up in a store demanding that I  like them on Facebook. I roll my eyes when I see this phrase on packaging. Why? Why should I? Hold the phone. I’ll stop everything and log in to Facebook and search for your page and click “like” just for the heck of it?

On the flip side, I found myself smirking at a package of cookies and a bag of chips. They got to me. It doesn’t take a marketing degree to realize that those brands already won even though I didn’t rush to “Like” them on their Facebook fan pages.

Notice, if you haven’t already, that both Facebook hooks for both brands suggest something about the brand and the product in a pithy way. So smart.

We’re going to spice up our own shipping boxes, e-mail taglines, and our own promotional products. Keep an eye out for those new boxes and our new e-mail signature line next time you’re in touch with us or next time you order. Let us know what you think.

What clever Facebook hooks have caught your eye? I’m sure there are plenty more out there. We’d love to see you share in the comments below.


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