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Mother’s Day Marketing: Promotional Products Moms Will Love

PinkFlowersKeep this date on your radar: Sunday, May 12, 2013 is Mother’s Day. Don’t forget your own mom with a thoughtful gift and perhaps a lovingly worded card about how much you love and appreciate her. Moms love that. As a mom four times over, I would know.

If you’re at the helm of a business or organization that could benefit from reaching out to moms this Mother’s Day, you might want to take a gander at our list of promotional products with special appeal to all those women none of us could do without.

We’re arranging products here from least expensive to most expensive to help you align your marketing and budgeting needs. I’ll include our “as low as price” here as a means of cost comparison. Keep in mind, as always, that our “as low as” price applies to higher quantity orders. Contact our knowledgeable, helpful sales team to get an exact price on any of the products you see here.

print compact mirrors


Custom Compact Mirrors

According to Mediamark Research of New York City, 88% of women said they used makeup in 1996. That was a long time ago. I just googled another poll that says up to 15% of women confess that they’ve left the house with no make-up on. Nevertheless, as a mom who typically does wear make-up, I can readily say this compact mirror is a promotional product that would live long term in my purse were I to receive one from your business.


As low as $0.37/each


nail files with logo

Custom Glass Nail Files 

This is another promotional product that would become a permanent fixture of my purse were I to receive one as a promotional gift. When these things first came out, I bought a hand-painted one at a craft fair for my mom for nearly $20. They never wear out like the cardboard/sandpaper variety.



As low as $0.59/each


personalized hair brushes


Custom Printed Hair Brushes with Built in Mirror

Ok, so I have one of these in my purse as a permanent item. It wasn’t given to me, though. I purchased it years ago from The Body Shop, already complete with their logo. Is that a great marketing strategy or what? Sell and profit from your own promotional products. I can tell you that The Body Shop makes regular impressions on me because I use that brush all the time.


As low as $0.71/each



personalized travel products

Custom Printed Manicure Sets

My purse is getting heavier by the minute considering all the promotional products I want to add to it. This is another item that I would readily keep handy in my bag or even in the car. If I happen to break a nail, I like to attend to it fast before the situation gets worse. With this handy manicure set, mission accomplished.



As low as $0.89/each


tumblers with straw


 Custom Tumbler with Straw

I love this tumbler. It has a sipper lid that I use when the mood strikes me for hot coffee or tea, yet it also comes with a sturdy, plastic straw that fits right through the lid when I want to drink iced coffee or Diet Coke instead. I use my collection of these things all day long, seven days a week. I love that I can grab it and go and that it fits nicely into the cup holders in the Vantasy. (That’s my mini-van, yo.)


As low as $2.74/each

custom vanity bags


Zippered Vanity Bags

 Speaking of all those promotional items I like or would like to stash in my purse, this is an excellent organizer in which to stash them all. Print your logo on this little bag and some other vanity-related products and you have a recipe for marketing success. These items will travel with moms everywhere.


As low as $1.31/each

print lunch totes


Zippered Lunch Tote Coolers

If I didn’t work out of my home office and have ready access to my own kitchen, I would absolutely use this lunch tote every day of the week. It’s cute, it has handles, it’s insulated, and it doesn’t look like my kid’s lunch bag. (Side note: We keep extra lunch bags and lunch totes around the house for those frequent days when my kids forget to bring their lunch totes home from school. Every household can use extras!)


As low as $3.74/each


print womens t-shirts

Scoop Neck Women’s T-Shirts

The scoop neck and the fit is ultra-feminine. This tee is a personal favorite in terms of fit, design, and available colors. You might as well invest your money in a t-shirt moms will love to wear.



As low as $6.57/each



girls sweatshirts

Bella Custom Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirts 

Like I said, I’m a big fan of promotional apparel designed for women. All too often the freebies you get from companies are made for men, which means I wear them to sleep in, paint in, or work out in. My favorite logo apparel doesn’t fit like a tent. These Bella hoodies are a personal favorite. Love them.



As low as $23.88/each


So there you have it: a list of Mother’s Day promotional products moms will love. If you’re in need of more inspiration, check in with our sales team. Do you have something else in mind? Need a quick quote? No problem. You name it. We print on it. No kidding!







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