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Pizza Promotional Products Minus the Cheese Factor

custom print pizza cutters

Promotional pizza wheels are an effective, affordable way to get your company name and contact information some attention whether or not you actually sell pizza.


Even if you’re not in the business of selling pizza, a promotional pizza wheel can be an effective way to show off your logo and contact information. How often do you break out the pizza cutter at your house or place of business? Do you often wish you had more than one because…oh…the pizza cutter is still in the dishwasher? Every customer, client, or individual who patronizes your business can put a custom printed pizza cutter to regular use. And every time they pull it out of the utensil drawer, they get another chance to take a gander at your logo.

Frozen pizza is a way of life for many busy families. If you don’t believe me, check out the enormous selection of brands boasting a huge variety of crusts and toppings lining the freezers at any grocery or big box store. Pizza is a big business.

I can also assure you that a pizza cutter is a very efficient way to cut up waffles and pancakes for kids in need of bite size pieces in no time flat. Pizza wheels are in high demand around here. Look how well ours has held up to frequent runs in the top rack of our overworked dishwasher.

Are you ready to see a few more choices available for customization in the world of custom printed pizza cutters and related accessories?




custom print pizza cutters

Custom Pizza Cutters

Here’s a pizza cutter with a more traditional handle approach than the pizza wheel pictured above. Personal endorsement? Either one works great…and looks great with your logo.



table saw pizza cutters

Table Saw Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters don’t have to look like pizza cutters. Here’s an example! Wouldn’t these be a fantastic way for a carpenter to brand his business while giving away something useful to every single customer and client?



custom scratch and sniff stickersPrint on Pizza Scented Scratch and Sniff Stickers

How fun are these stickers? Pizza places should staple these to their menus and receipts. Kids will hoard them, sniff them, and beg their parents for pizza.




Pizza Shaped Magnetic NotepadsPizza Shaped Magnetic Notepads

Where do people keep products like these? Right on their refrigerators, or maybe stuck to the side of a metal file cabinet. Either way, this product is bound to get your logo and company information the attention it deserves.




custom pizza stress relieversPizza Slice Stress Relievers

Everyone loves a free giveaway, and this fun, foam stress reliever in the shape of a slice of pizza is no exception. Keep your contact information fresh with the purchase of these promotional stress toys.



pizza box key chainsPromotional Pizza Box Keychains 

Everyone can use a spare keychain. Keep your logo and contact information close at hand when you print on these affordable promos.




print cheese gratersPrint Promotional Cheese Graters

This top notch grater comes with three blades so you and yours can grate your Parmesan to a fine powder or shreds or bite sized flakes. You’ve seen it all before. What a great addition to pizza night!




Love pizza? So do millions. Use that to your advantage with the purchase of pizza themed promotional products. You’re practically guaranteed to buy your brand hundreds of impressions with the purchase of these super affordable pizza promos.

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