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Promotional Golf Products for Members of Congress

custom flag cooler bags


I  love seeing my tax dollars put to good use, don’t you?

First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly employs a staff of 20, some of whom enjoy six-figure salaries on our dime. Twenty? For real? Are they playing “Words with Friends” on their government-supplied iPads all day?

VP Joe Biden, I’ve read, has a staffer for his personal residence, also at taxpayers’ expense. Seriously? The guy can’t employ his own cook and housekeeper like the rest of us? (HAHAHAHA!)

And our President? He’s decided that now is good time to rehab the Oval Office. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? I’ve always hated that stripy wallpaper in there and paint is cheap. Or…maybe it’s not. President Obama will utilize a second office that will be constructed for his use during the $376 million renovation that will take place at the White House. I guess they’re not shopping at Home Depot. In fact, I’m certain they’re buying some bullet proof paint at $50K a gallon from a factory in China. And the Oval Office will require no less than three coats, expertly applied by highly trained painters commanding six figure salaries.

It’s been reported that nearly one million government workers will no be paid during the government shut down. That sucks for them because missing a paycheck can make it awfully tough to pay the bills. This is how we treat our veterans?

Who will get paid? The president and every member of Congress, of course.

Therefore, I thought it was timely to present these slackers with some promotional golf gear they could probably use on the golf course during their taxpayer-funded vacations.


custom heart golf keychainsI Heart Golf Keychains

Imprint Ideas:

“I’d Rather Be Golfing.”

“Shutdown 2013”



cooler bag golf kitsPromotional 6-pack Cooler Bags

Imprint idea:

“Government Shutdown 2013: I went golfing and all the taxpayers bought me was this lousy six pack.”




logo golf bagsCustomized Golf Bags

Because the taxpayers might as well buy all their golf gear. We seem to buy everything else. Charge it!



Taxpayers, what are your thoughts on the government shutdown?


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