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Promotional Products for the Soul: Comforting Care Packages

stuffed_animals_with_logo_thOver the weekend I read about an inspirational not-for profit organization in the pages of Guideposts magazine. (Check them out on their Facebook Page “Guideposts for Kids Comfort Kit.”) This organization donates “comfort kits” to hospitalized children. What’s inside each kit? A coloring book, a stress ball, a CD of soothing music, a plush toy, a journal, a prayer card, and more. All items in the kit were selected to entertain and comfort sick children and their families.

I immediately thought that it would be completely feasible for hospital emergency rooms, children’s hospitals, and pediatric doctors’ offices to create their own promotional comfort kits.

My mind also flashed back to the day one of my boys, only one-year-old at the time, tripped over a toy and slammed his head against the corner of a piece of furniture. The trip to the emergency room culminated in several stitches as well as the gift of a promotional plush toy from the hospital emergency room staff. I remember how grateful I was at the time that it eased his terrified, hiccuping cries. That’s a powerful gift that you don’t soon forget!

What recommendations do we have for promotional items to include in care kits to be distributed by hospitals, emergency rooms, or doctors’ offices? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

promotional backpacks


Print Drawstring Backpacks

Put your collection of soothing, entertaining gifts in these affordable, drawstring backpacks. They make terrific gift bags and can be used again and again for other purposes.



business notebooks

Custom Notebooks with Pen

People of all ages can find comfort and healing in journaling and drawing. Give them the tools that they need with the customized notebooks with built in pen.




crayons with logo



Custom Printed Crayons

If you’re a kid and you’re going to draw in your custom notebook, you’re probably going to ask for crayons. Here they are.


stuffed animals with logo Custom Print Stuffed Animals

I already mentioned how much comfort my own son received when he was handed a promotional stuffed animal during his emergency room visit. Your hospital, ER, or pediatric office can deliver the same sort of soothing with these promotional stuffed animals…or the stuffed animal of your choice. Promotional plush squirrel anyone? Feel free to contact our sales team to inquire about the stuffed creature of your choice.



customized stress balls

Custom Stress Balls

I chose the heart shaped stress ball because it seemed the most soothing of shapes. However, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. If a custom stress pig is what you have in mind as part of your comfort care package, we have those, too. We have all the shapes and varieties. All you need to do is ask. No matter which shape you choose, squeezing on a stress ball can reduce some serious anxiety.


custom massagers


Promotional Massagers

I don’t care how old or young you are. Everyone loves a soothing back massage, and you can’t screw it up when you use one of these promotional back massagers.



fun promo itemsPromotional Putty Eggs

I know I just wrote that laughter is the best medicine, but I’m going to say it again. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Fun is good.” These putty eggs coupled with a sheet of Sunday morning comics = good times. Want to crack a kid up? Press some of this fun putty against the inky page of a comic strip and stretch out the faces.



pocket puzzles


Print Pocket Puzzles

Who says you need an iPod and an app to have a good time? These old-fashioned, promotional puzzles provide plenty of affordable entertainment. Want to race?



custom playing cards


Logo Playing Cards 

How many games can you play with a deck of playing cards? I’m not sure, but there are a whole lot out there. A simple game for little kids? Go Fish.


The promotional products here? Just the tip of the iceberg. If you have something specific in mind for your comfort care package, contact the experts on the Show Your Logo sales team. We’ll help you find the perfect give aways for your target market as well as your budget.









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