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promotional pediatric spoon

Our local Cub Foods is long gone, but this promotional pediatric spoon has taken up residence in my medicine cabinet for the last twelve years.

What promotional products do you own that have proven to be so useful you’ve had them for years and years? We all have them! Here’s the brief story of my promotional pediatric spoon I’ve had in my possession since my first child was about a year old. She’s headed off to her first day of seventh grade this morning. Do the math. I’ve had this pediatric spoon for approximately twelve years. I’d say that Cub Foods got their money’s worth promoting their pharmacy!

It’s never particularly good news when you have to pull out the pediatric spoon, but it was an “aha” moment for today’s blog post.

I had to pull out that pediatric spoon last night. The little guy stumbled into my room last night complaining, “Mom, my ear hurts.” Just in time for the first day of school. Perfect.

Swimmer’s ear, my current diagnosis, should be no surprise.

So the Show Your Logo blog, the company president, the Vantasy, the SUV, the boat, the four kids, and I went on vacation last week to a beautiful lake in the middle of the Natahala National Forest. (I’m sure you all noticed the absence of blog posts.) We spent most of the week in and around water with no land line, no cell phone service, and Wifi so slow it reminded me of dial up service. Good times. The result? We’re all far more relaxed, but the little guy is headed to his first day of school with another dose of Tylenol in his system.

The blog is back. School is on. Soon that little guy will take his Tylenol in pill form like the big kid he’s quickly becoming and I’ll toss the pediatric spoon into the Goodwill pile with all the outgrown clothes, shoes, and toys. Who knew that a promotional product, coupled with another first day of school milestone, could make a mom so nostalgic?

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