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Show Your Logo, Promotional Products, and Customer Service: What We’ve Learned From Big Box Retailers

piggy bankHow do you decide where to shop? Eat out? Which companies and restaurants are doing it right? How do they earn your business?

Yahoo News this week featured a story about the retailers that scored the worst marks in customer service. Was I surprised to see Wal-Mart at the top of the list? Nope. Even though there’s a Wal-Mart within a couple miles of my home, I regularly make the 15 minute drive across town to spend my money at Super Target. I’ll drive right on by Wal-Mart every time if given the choice between Wal-Mart and Target.

It’s all about customer service. Which retailer is staffed with employees who politely ask if I need help finding anything each and every time I shop? Target. Which store opens up more registers if the lines are backing up? Target. Alternatively, where have I angrily stood in line for twenty minutes, seething that my time was not perceived as valuable because the retailer didn’t open another register?

Who earns my business and a pretty substantial chunk of change out of my budget month after month and year after year? Take a guess.

So what influences my decision about where to drop money?

Competitive prices.

It’s true. I want it all, including the best customer service and the lowest prices.

Employees’ work ethic, knowledge, and attitude.

I hate an experience with a pushy salesperson, but I appreciate a quick, “Can I help you?” When I do need help? I greatly value an employee’s ability to answer my questions about a product. I also appreciate it when an employee knows enough about customer service to open another register on her own without being hounded to do so by management.

Quality matters. A lot.

We all want the best quality our money can buy. Few things are more infuriating than dropping cash on a product that breaks or wears out well before it should have.

I like a company that owns up to mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. I get it. I make mistakes all the time. Companies make mistakes, too, and that’s ok with me as long as they fix it. There are companies who have forever lost my business, including two American car companies, because neither one stood by their product.

 I like a company that acknowledges my feedback.

Speaking of those American car companies I will never buy from again, one of them sent me a customer satisfaction survey after I had already traded in my lemon for a Japanese import. I filled out their survey and informed them why I would never buy another one of their vehicles. Did I ever hear a word back? Nope. Seems to me they should have swooped in and offered to make it up to me somehow if they ever wanted a chance to redeem themselves and earn my business ever again.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from a lifetime of shopping experiences to heart at Show Your Logo. When you contact Show Your Logo, you’ll receive the customer service we all crave. We may not be a Big Box retailer, but we take our customer service very seriously. When you order promotional products from us, you can count on competitive pricing. You can expect our sales team to respond to your questions and concerns quickly, effectively, and efficiently. When your order arrives (on time!), you’ll open the box to find high quality products with a durable, attractive imprint that matches the pride you have in your company or organization. In the event that an error is made on our end, we’ll stand by our products and do what we can to remediate the situation as quickly as we can.

We like new customers, but our goal is to turn new customers into repeat customers. We know you have choices, plenty of them, when you shop for promotional products, but we want to be your go-to promotional products company. We’re prepared to earn your business.

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