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The Power of Promotional Tote Bags: Take Our Quiz

custom-shopping-bagsHow many of you own a promotional tote bag? If you don’t, you should! The sooner we do away with the bulk of those plastic Wal-Mart bags, the better. Nabbing a few plastic Wal-Mart bags here and there to be repurposed as trash bags is acceptable in my book, but letting them blow in the breeze or wind up in a landfill is a travesty.

There are plenty of good reasons to hand out promotional tote bags, and the preservation of our environment is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine all the plastic bags you use with just one stock up trip to the grocery store. Multiply that by the thousands of people who visit big box stores each day and the image is staggering. Encouraging consumers–and your customers–to use promotional tote bags is a terrific way to brand your business and do good for our planet.

ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) recently came out with some interesting statistics on the power of promotional tote bags that might just entice you into seeking these products to promote your brand. Take this quiz to test out your knowledge of the power of promotional tote bags. Check your answers at the bottom of this post.



1) What’s the average cost per impression made by promotional tote bags?

A) 1 cent

B) $1.00

C) 10 cents

D) 1/10 of 1 cent



2) What other popular promotional product ties with tote bags as having the lowest cost per impression in the United States?

A) stress relievers

B) pens

C) stress relievers

D) pencils


3) Which promotional product generates more impressions than another other logoed item in the United States?

A) tote bags

B) pens

C) stress relievers

D) bumper stickers


4) What percentage of consumers report owning a promotional bag?

A) 10%

B) 15%

C) 31%

D) 46%


5) Consumers in which city report owning the most promotional tote bags?

A) New York

B) Philadelphia

C) San Francisco

D) Chicago



Check your Answers Here

1-D, 2-B, 3-A, 4-C, 5-C


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