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Ordering FAQs

  • What the heck is THAT?

    Need a definition of a term related to custom printed promotional products and apparel? Check out our GLOSSARY under the Resources link.

  • How do I place an order?

    Orders are placed through one our dedicated sales representatives. To place an order they will need to know some basic information such as bill to address, ship to address, event date, item details, and payment instructions. That information can be communicated either over the phone or via email. Sorry we do not offer the option to order online. Your rep will then create an order acknowledgment and art mockup. Once you approve those the order will go into production. You will receive an email with the tracking number when the order has shipped and another email with a final invoice.

  • What does the “as low as” price mean?

    The as low as price reflects larger quantity orders. There are a lot of factors including quantity, item color, number of imprint colors, imprint location, how fast are they needed, and much more that go into the price of an item. It would be difficult to show all possible options on our website.

  • Why are Show Your Logo’s prices so low?

    Show Your Logo prints a lot of volume which allows us to negotiate the best prices and faster service. We pass along those savings to our customers.

  • What are my payment options?

    First time orders require a minimum deposit of 50% paid with a credit card. Please contact your sales rep if you would like to discuss other payment options. Terms may be given to customers after the second order.

  • When do you charge my credit card?

    For first-time orders, a 50% deposit is charged once the order acknowledgment and artwork mockup is approved. The remaining balance will be charged once the order has shipped. Please contact your sales rep if you would like different payment options after the second order.

  • How fast can I get a product?

    Faster than you might expect. Our standard production is quick and most of our items can be rushed even faster, but there may be charges for that. We can also expedite the shipping to ensure your order arrives by a certain date. All of this depends on many factors. Contact one of our sales reps to discuss your in-hands date.

  • Can I submit a Purchase Order for payment?

    Purchase Orders will be accepted after the second order. POs may be accepted for the first or second order in some circumstances. This will be reviewed on an order by order basis. Please contact your sales rep to discuss payment options.

  • Can I be put on terms?

    You can be put on terms after your second order with Show Your Logo, Inc. is completed and paid for.

  • Can I order less than the minimum quantity listed?

    You can order less than the minimum quantity on some items for an additional charge. We are not allowed to sell less than the minimum for some items due to restrictions from our suppliers. Please contact your sales rep to discuss items that are available at less than minimum or to find alternate items with lower minimum requirements.

  • Why can’t I order just one?

    It is cost prohibitive to custom imprint just one item. It takes time and costs money to setup the machines. Those costs are generally fixed and are spread out over an order of higher quantities. When you are printing low quantities, there is no place to spread out the cost. That one item will be VERY expensive.

  • What is a setup charge?

    The setup charges are the cost to set up a machine with a custom screen, plate, mold, ink, etc. to print the item you ordered. Most of the time these charges are only one time charges for the same item and same art.

  • Can one setup charge be used for multiple items?

    Each item will be custom printed on different machines and will have different setup charges. This is also the case if the items being printed are similar to each other. They will require a slightly different setup and will incur different setup charges.

  • Why do some items have setup charges and others do not?

    Custom printing products always requires setup costs, but some items are printed on machines that require minimal setup. Show Your Logo absorbs the setup costs on those orders.

  • Will I pay a reorder setup charge?

    We love reorders and will usually absorb those machine setup costs. Most items you will only have to pay a one- time setup charge.

  • Can I receive a sample promotional product?

    Yes, you can receive free random samples which include an imprint from another order which is not your custom design. For the most part these can be sent out at no charge. There will be charges for samples which cost over $20, including shipping.

  • What is the difference between a random sample and a spec sample?

    Random samples will often have a random imprint from another order if they are imprinted. A spec sample will have your custom logo/design printed on it. Most of the time there is a charge for these types of proofs.

  • Is there a charge for a spec sample?

    Most of the time there are charges for spec samples due to the setup expenses. These charges can be absorbed into an order if the spec sample is included in an order for a larger quantity. Please talk to your sales rep for details.

  • Will I receive a proof/mockup before the order is placed?

    Before an order is officially placed you will receive a mockup/proof. Your order will not be produced until you approve the mockup and the order acknowledgment.

  • Why can’t I order directly from your website?

    We have found that we are much better at getting you the products and pricing that fits your need if you deal directly with one of dedicated promotional product experts. We custom imprint over 800,000 products, so there are many different options and variables. Our reps will guide you through the options and provide answers to any questions.

  • What is your return policy?

    There are no returns on imprinted products. Once an item has a been custom imprinted that imprint cannot be taken off. Unimprinted product returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. We will return, reprint, and/or refund you in the unlikely event of damaged, defective, or misprinted products. See our Policies for full details on our return policy.

  • Do you ship outside of the USA?

    We will occasionally ship outside of the United States. These orders will be require full payment up front and will go through a special screening process to ensure the authenticity of the customer and the order.

  • Why did I receive more or less product than I ordered?

    Show Your Logo, Inc. has a 10% over/under policy. However, we always try to send the exact quantity you ordered. On some items it is almost impossible to stop production on the exact number that was ordered. Overs are also run for quality control purposes. You will only be billed for the items you received.

  • What is the standard turnaround time?

    Each product has a different turnaround time. There are some items that can be produced within hours of you approving the artwork, and other products that take weeks if sourced overseas. To discuss turnaround time on a particular item please contact one of Show Your Logo, Inc's dedicated sales representatives.

  • What if I don’t see the product I am looking for on your website?

    On our website we try to include a good sampling of all the items we have, but it is difficult to show over 800,000 products. Please contact us for any item you are looking for. If you found it on another website, we can get it and likely for less than the competition.

  • Will my order include sales tax?

    Sales tax varies by state and local government tax codes. Show Your Logo, Inc. does not quote taxes unless requested.

  • Can you print on products that I supply?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept customer supplied merchandise to print on. There are too many variables and we cannot replace your supplied product in the event of the product being damaged if our machines are not calibrated to your supplied product.

  • Can I use a logo that has been copyrighted?

    Trademark and copyrighted logos should only be used by or with permission from the copyright holders. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have the necessary permission or licensing.

Artwork FAQs

  • Can you create art for me?

    Yes we can! As long as we are printing a product for you, we will create custom artwork for you. Our in-house artists can work with an existing file or alter or redraw art that was originally drawn on a bar napkin, to creating a custom logo from scratch.

  • Is there a charge to create or edit art?

    Show Your Logo, Inc. offers free art services from our talented in-house graphic designers! There is no charge for us to create or edit artwork. Albeit a high threshold, there is a limit to our generosity on free artwork. Your sales representative will warn you when you are getting close to that line.

  • Is the setup charge for artwork?

    A setup charge is the cost for setting up the machine, plate, and/or screen to print a particular product. Show Your Logo, Inc. does not charge for art or even design services.

  • What type of art files do you accept?

    Show Your Logo, Inc. will accept almost any art file type. We would prefer .eps or .ai, but will accept .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .gif, .doc, and more. Send us whatever you have. We'll try to make it work or will recreate it. You will see a proof prior to production.

  • Do you keep my art on file?

    Our art department keeps your art on file for many years. When you need to reorder, your artwork is ready to go.

  • How large will my imprint be?

    Every item has a different imprint area. The imprint area is listed on our website and on your mockup. We will proportionately maximize your artwork to fit inside the imprint area.

  • Why doesn’t my imprint color match the color on the screen?

    Colors on monitors may vary from the final printed product. Computer monitors display color differently than the real world and each monitor has different color settings from the next. If a specific imprint color is needed please indicate that to your sales representative.

Shipping FAQs

  • Why do we charge freight?

    Everybody loves free freight, including us. However, freight is never truly "free" and can vary from order to, carrier to carrier, and day to day. To provide the best possible savings, we do not build freight costs into the cost of the item.

  • Why is the shipping so expensive?

    Most of the time freight is expensive because of dimensional weight. This is where UPS and FedEx will estimate the minimum weight of a package based off the size of the box, not off the actual weight of a box. As an example a box of 100 water bottles weighs the same as 1000 pens, but because the of the size of the water bottle box it cost twice as much to ship. Some other factors include your location's distance from our production facilities, if your address is residential, if the order was shipped via expedited services, etc.

  • Why is the shipping so expensive on mugs?

    The two main reason is weight and the box. Mugs are essentially made of rocks. Rocks are heavy. The heavier the box the more it cost to ship. Mugs also must be shipped in special boxes to protect them during shipping. These special boxes cost more than normal boxes. They are also bigger boxes, and that causes the price to go up with the shipping companies.

  • Why don’t you quote shipping up front?

    There are a lot of variables that go into shipping. We always try to ship each order as efficiently as possible. Upon request we will provide shipping quotes prior to placing an order

  • Can I ship my order to multiple locations?

    Yes, you can ship your order to as many locations as you would like. There may be charges depending on the number for shipping locations. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

  • Can I use my own shipping account?

    Yes, you can can use your own shipping account. When doing this there may be handling charges. Please contact your sales representative for details.

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